Foods That Improve Your Erections

If you’re having problems with erectile dysfunction, stress, and just not getting the right foods in this article, we will describe the right foods to eat to overcome erectile dysfunction. While these foods are specific to ED, we want you to understand that if you’re eating a whole plant-based diet, then you won’t have these problems, to begin with.

Now, when it comes to your erections, it’s not just your erections that are not working. That means your entire body isn’t working correctly. Here’s something to really understand: erectile dysfunction is an early sign of high cholesterol. Too much bad cholesterol causes plaque inside of the veins, which slows down blood flow, which leads to a whole host of issues, of course, including erectile dysfunction.

Even worse, high cholesterol affects the production of testosterone, and of course, the bursting and burning of testosterone are what fuels erections. Let’s go ahead and get into those foods that you can check out the refrigerator, and hopefully start eating them right now.

Celery contains a plant sterol that actually mimics testosterone in your body.

Asparagus has zinc and B vitamins that help increase your testosterone.

Green tea is actually very wonderful. It has plenty of antioxidants. It boosts your metabolism and does a lot more.

Broccoli normalizes your blood pressure, and it helps to detoxify your body.

Spinach improves your eyesight, helps with blood pressure, and improves your muscular strength.

Avocado is important because it decreases cholesterol and helps clear the arteries.

Cauliflower is really great because it flushes out estrogen.

Pomegranate lowers blood pressure and normalizes blood circulation.

Cinnamon acts as an aphrodisiac. It also helps with making sure your arteries don’t harden.

Watermelon. Watermelon, which is now one of my favorite fruits because it does help with L-Citrulline in terms of opening up blood flow throughout your entire body, including your penis.

Kale is great because it does two things. It both lowers your estrogen and increases your testosterone. And garlic is great too because it lowers blood pressure by opening up your veins and letting more blood flow through.

Blueberries and strawberries have a lot of dietary fiber, and they also lower blood pressure.

So those are the foods that you can use to help with erectile dysfunction. Just keep looking for more fruits and vegetables that you can eat. Keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control. Be careful of what you eat because when you’re eating heart-healthy stuff, you’re actually eating penis-healthy stuff. Stop smoking. Exercise regularly. You’re going to increase the blood flow through your body. You’re also going to get the other benefits that come with it, and make sure you have that regularly in your life.

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