How can drugs affect your erections and sexual health?

Are you wondering if the medicines that you’re taking are causing you to have erectile dysfunction or just unreliable erections? We are going to tell you the truth about pharmaceuticals, drugs, and how it affects your body and your erection.

First, let us explain in simple words how National Institutes for Health provide the testing of new drugs. They do the testing on animals for the latest and greatest dangerous drugs and the latest and greatest drug. But it doesn’t simulate real life. So what will happen is, they will come in with this drug, and give it to mice and monkeys. They give it to mice because the mice regenerate, they have births so you can see through generations what is happening, and they mimic us in some ways.

And of course, monkeys are the closest to us, and they mimic some of the things that we do, but the way they give the drugs to the animals is completely different from the way that we take them because the animals are in a sterile environment.


Everything is taken care of: they have the exact same diet, they know everything down to the letter, but when it comes to us taking the drugs – well, we’re taking the drugs with the kids in the backseat yelling, we just came from McDonald’s, had that Egg McMuffin that we shouldn’t have had, arguing the wife, etc. This drug is not going to work the same way it did when they were doing the experiments. So that’s something to pay attention to.

Now, let’s talk about your body on all of these different pills. Basically, you’re a chemical bag. You’re a bag with hundreds of chemical interactions that are constantly happening. So, of course, it’s going to be affected. Your body’s going to be affected by whether it’s hot or it’s cold: your genetics, your current physical makeup, your height, your weight, and of course, your nutrition. Nutrition is the most important.

But what we tend to do is to replace nutrition with medications – that’s one of the reasons why you go to CVS and all these different stores. Every store that you drive past, every grocery has rows and rows and rows of pills. Why is that? It’s because they’re so cheap to make. They have pill machines that can make like 7000 pills an hour. Remember, these pills have binder agents, bulking agents, and other ingredients that have to go into there before you even get to the active ingredients that you’re trying to get the effect from.

They’re just taking chemicals, man-made chemicals, slamming them together, and giving them to you. This is the least nutritious product that human beings can actually make. You have to remember, Western medicine was designed to get you back to work. Get you back on the field, whether it’s the field to play or the field to go and kill somebody or avoid getting killed, it’s designed to get you back to work.

It’s also designed to make them a profit by maintaining your illness over a long period of time. Because if you have to keep on taking a pill, that means it doesn’t work. For instance, if you’re in a car accident, and you’re like, “hey, give me the IV, the drip, the morphine, whatever you need to give me but I don’t want to live on it for the rest of my life.” And of course, the people who tend to be pushing these drugs to you are your doctors. Doctors only take typically 20 hours of nutrition class, which absolutely makes no sense at all. So basically, what they’re trained to be great at diagnosing and great at selling you drugs.

But you should know, your body is your responsibility. You have to take action forward, do the research. If a doctor gives you a recommendation, just double-check it, make sure it actually makes sense and feel free. It’s called the Internet. Research alternative ways of healing yourself. That’s most important. We now have a ton of information that wasn’t available just 20 years ago. Use it! And just remember all medicine starts in nature anyway. Aspirin is actually just replicating the bark from a willow tree. Yeah, it’ll get rid of your headache, you don’t need the aspirin pill.

Some of these other drugs that people tend to take are based on weed. Weed is not great for erections. It’s great for your mind. It’s a psychoactive drug but it can turn you on. Different weed does have different effects depending upon the level of THC. The issue, though, is when you’re getting too high a level of THC, it does counteract the good aspects of if you’re taking weed to enjoy sex.

Remember, inhaling any toxins is not good for you when it comes to cigarettes. Cigarette smoking causes damage to your blood vessels. When it comes to your erections, the blood vessels in your penis are one of the smallest in the body. So you need to protect that by not smoking.

And of course hardcore drugs. Obviously, they’re horrible for your body and your erections. For instance, alcohol is just a poison that happens to make you feel woozy. Now, there are some high-end alcohols, the ones that cost like thousands of dollars that are actually healthy for you, but all the rest of that stuff is not as good.

In conclusion, pharmaceutical pills are not natural, not really good for you. The pharmaceutical industry wants you to use their drugs until you die. Drugs, hardcore drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, obviously, are not good for you. And just remember your body is yours. Do the research, get the information, and act on it.

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