How to naturally improve your blood flow to have better erections?

If you want to increase your blood flow naturally so you can have more energy and vitality so that you can have stronger erections and avoid erectile dysfunction, in this article, we are going to cover 11 things that you need to be doing to increase that naturally.

Of course, we have to talk about the blood vessels’ condition and how the blood is moving through there. If your blood vessels are weak, then the blood is not being helped moved along. If it is clogged, then it takes more effort for the blood to get through. And in both cases, nitric oxide, which is released within the blood vessels, isn’t being released to help the blood move along.

The other important factor for your blood flow is the condition of your blood. Is your blood sticky? If it’s sticking together, it’s harder to move through the blood vessels, and that shows there is not enough oxygen in the blood supply. And, of course, the condition of your body makes a huge difference. So, if your organs aren’t getting the blood flow, they’re not working correctly. They’re not pumping the blood, cleaning the blood, doing what they’re supposed to do.

Blood flow

And if your muscles aren’t conditioned, then you’re not getting the pump. You’re not getting the blood flowing through your body correctly. The blood needs help to flow. Life means blood flow, but it needs help, especially as you get older. If you have blood flow issues, then you have lifestyle issues.

So, what are the main factors in blood flow, and how to use these 11 things effectively to make the changes that you need?

We have to start with deep breathing. Then we have a fluid intake, eating well, herbs, sleep, exercise, yoga, muscle relaxation, taking a break, massage, and a smoke break.

Deep breathing

This is the most vital one. It’s the most important one because you’re surrounded by energy. It’s air. Breathing in that air helps out. When you’re doing deep breathing, and you’re breathing in, so your stomach goes out, when you’re breathing out, your stomach goes in, you’re increasing your oxygen intake into your body, and the oxygen intake helps with the blood flow.

And most importantly, a lot of people don’t think about this. When you’re breathing out, you’re breathing out that waste, and that’s what you want to have happened, so you don’t have waste inside of your body. Do deep breathing.

Water intake

Water intake is hugely important because we’re talking about blood flow. What flows in us? And of course, we are talking about water, not sugar drinks, not sugary juices, and definitely not those energy drinks.

What happens when you don’t have water in your body is crazy. We’re talking about anxiety, depression, stress, and more. So, for your water intake, when you’re going to take a whiz, it should come out pale light yellow. If it comes out darker, that means that you need more water in your system. And remember, your body is 60% water as an adult. Your bones are 31%, your lungs are 83%, and your blood as a whole is 92%. That’s why you need the water.


When it comes to food, eat as much water as possible. When we’re talking about mangoes and peaches, they have roughly 70% water in them. And when we’re talking about the melons, cantaloupes, watermelon – it is 90%. That’s what you should be eating.


We’re talking about ginger, Gotu kola. These two things help stimulate the digestive system and move blood around your body. Cayenne helps with circulation, along with thyme and turmeric. They have teas for these different things. Of course, they have tinctures, so make sure you’re checking those out.


We’re talking about sleep as a repair mode. That’s what sleep is for. If you don’t get good-quality sleep, you’re interrupting a lot of the functioning of your body, and of course, that includes your blood flow. And on top of that, when you wake up, you know how you’re irritable, you can’t get things done the way you want them to? You’re also susceptible to doing the wrong things, drinking the wrong things, eating the wrong things, which is going to lead to worse blood flow issues for you.


Exercise is by far the king of blood flow. Now mind you, the god of blood flow is breathing. Movement moves blood. Consistency of that is the real thing that builds up so you can have times where you can take a break. So, you need to be consistent with your exercise, your yoga, all of those different things.


And yoga is highly important. Yoga gets the blood flowing throughout your body. What ends up happening when we do those big movements, and we don’t do yoga, we allow the different ligaments in our body to get stuck, not to get the blood flow going through them.

And that causes problems down the road, especially when you’re doing certain movements like “downward dog,” where you have your hips above your heart and your heart above your head. You now have blood flowing throughout your entire body in a way that’s going against gravity, as it were. And all that twisting movement that you do actually brings fresh blood flow to your body, especially to your intestines.

Muscle relaxation

Muscles like to get tense. And if you don’t relax, many times guys are in situations where they’re tense all day long, and they carry it with them. So, you have to learn to just relax. And sometimes it just means listening to some music, sitting down, calming yourself down, and purposely relaxing your body.

Take a break

There’s too much going on in life just to be tense all the time. Sometimes you need to take a couple of days out just to relax, listen to some good music, put on something that relaxes you. It’s really important. Life is about you. Your job is still going to be there.


Massage is actually the one that you want to pay for. We know, there’s a lot of guys out there, like, “Yeah, I gave my girl a massage. She gave me a message.” When you’re talking about the type of massage that you want: Swedish massage, sports massage, Thai massage, all these massages need to be done by professionals. If it is not done correctly, you can actually cause injuries.

So, you want to be very careful with that, but it’s very powerful in terms of moving blood flow throughout your entire body and getting rid of some tense areas of your body that won’t allow the blood to flow through properly.


We know that nicotine is addictive and all of that stuff. But also, a lot of guys do not realize that smoking actually increases the thickness of your blood, and it does damage to the veins. So, when we’re talking about erections and things like that, thick blood and damage to the veins is not a good idea.

In conclusion, these vital 11 things you need to do, include deep breathing, fluid intake, eating well, getting those herbs in, making sure to get that high-quality sleep, and getting moving with exercise. Also, make sure to add in that yoga. With muscle relaxation, things are going to be much better for your body. And take a freaking break. And while you’re on that break, you might as well get a massage. And as far as the smoke break – don’t have one!

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