How to treat erectile dysfunction with the help of Acoustic Wave Therapy?

If you are a man you know has been struggling with erectile dysfunction, so we asked a few questions to patient care advisor Bill Jefferies about the new method of treatment of erectile dysfunction. We’re talking about a treatment that has no drugs, no needles, and no surgery, and some people might think it sounds too good to be true. It’s called acoustic wave therapy.

How can acoustic wave therapy cure ED?

I get that question a lot from people such as “Really? Sound waves? How’s that going to fix my ED?” and the science behind it is the acoustic waves will break up the blockages and the plaque that forms and blood vessels as we age. And it just restores the natural blood flow to those areas that need to be affected.

Acoustic wave therapy

Is this safe if I have other medical conditions like diabetes or heart issues?

It’s actually a perfect treatment for a guy with other medical issues that he’s dealing with because we don’t use any drugs, so there are no drug interaction issues. People that struggle with diabetes typically have poor circulation, and poor circulation can be a contributing factor to their ED issues. We can fix that circulation problem.

It’s a tough situation to deal with. How does a guy have that conversation with himself, especially with his doctor, to decide that this type of treatment is right for them?

I would say to them that to get educated, talk to their doctor, and obviously talk to us. We have a doctor on staff that will educate them about their ED issues and the possible avenues that they can follow.

Do they need a referral from that doctor?

Definitely not. We have a doctor on staff, and the process starts with a physical exam and a health history. Our doctor will make sure that the treatment is suitable for that patient and also recommend a treatment protocol.

For many people watching and listening, this may be the first time they’ve heard of acoustic wave therapy, so talk about any studies that support its effectiveness.

There’s been a number of studies done worldwide have been used effectively for about a decade around the world. It was just approved in the United States by the FDA in 2016 as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. But acoustic wave therapy has been around for a long time. It started as a treatment for like kidney stones, and then it’s just evolved.

We obviously use a different protocol and a different frequency of the wave to treat ED, but there’s been lots of studies or their double-blind evidence-based studies. The urological association called acoustic wave therapy the gold standard for ED treatment.

It’s supported by a lot of research and obviously great results, and there’s no getting past that there’s a stigma around that conversation right now, but there doesn’t have to be. How does someone get past that stigma and just start tackling the issue?

We do a lot to make a patient feel comfortable because there is a stigma involved, and guys don’t like to talk about it. What they’ll find when they come into our clinic we have an all-male staff. The other thing is that unlike a general doctor’s office that reads say a variety of maladies, all we do is ED. That’s what we do all day every day. We’ve assembled the finest staff in southern Arizona, we’re professionals at what we do, and we work really hard to make patients feel comfortable and open up and talk about their ES issues.

Say, someone goes into your office for the first time what that experience is like? What’s the very first thing that they can expect?

Well, they’ll notice, it’s a comfortable place to be because all we do is treat ED, that’s our sole focus, and everything revolves around that. Our staff are all medical professionals with many years of experience, and we just work hard to make the patient feel comfortable. I often get that we get calls from women that say how do I approach my guy about this. This is a tough topic, and to them, I would say realize that Edie is a medical condition just like any other malady or medical condition.

It’s a condition that about 70 or 80 percent of guys are going to face sometime in their life. So if you find yourself in that situation, do the research get educated, find out what ED is, what the causes are, what the potential cures are, and call and ask questions – we can certainly provide that education.