How to win the battle for testosterone?

If you’re wondering why your testosterone levels are low, and it’s hard to get that fixed, we will help you with that by giving you some information about the household items that you’re using and are actually burning your testosterone. Most of the time, when we’re talking about testosterone, we only think about sex and muscles. Those are important, but we’re also talking about bone density, memory, mood, energy level, etc. It’s especially an issue when we’re talking about reproduction. Now, the great news is that you can do some things with your lifestyle to make changes. The bad news is that’s not really enough – we have to do more.

Low testosterone

There was one study that was put out that showed out of 1700 men over a 15 year period, testosterone levels had dropped by 22%. Free testosterone had dropped by 45%. And basically what that’s saying is that if you’re 50 now, 15 years ago if you were 50, you’d have 22% more testosterone. That’s how insane this is. There’s also been a 59% decline in sperm count, and it is also saying within 30 years around the world, men will become sterile.

One of the causes of these problems is endocrine disruptors – these are toxins that mess with the normal function of your hormonal system. And they do that in four different ways:

  • It acts like a hormone and causes different problems by triggering different responses in your body.
  • It affects how the cells respond to the hormone.
  • It can block the hormone from doing its job in the first place.
  • It can also stop the production of hormones.

So these endocrine disruptors are a big deal, and they are everywhere. We’re talking about all the way from pharmaceuticals and IV tubes to furniture and clothing, and much more. There are hundreds of known endocrine disruptors that are being put out by the chemical industries in the United States and around the world.

But the problem is there are over 3,000 chemicals that are being put out every year, and 90% of them have not been tested.

What are these endocrine disruptors?

  • The first one being atrazine. It is the second-largest weed-killing chemical in the United States. And because you put it on the ground, it gets into our drinking water. It has been banned in Europe since 2004.
  • BPA. BPA is in water bottles, all types of plastic, the lining of the food cans, even the thermal receipts. The crazy thing is that 93% of us have BPA in our urine. Birth control pills are taken by hundreds of millions of women around the world. When they are urine, it goes into our water system, and our water system does not filter out the estradiol that’s in there. And so we end up with these issues because birth control for women causes fertility issues for men too by affecting our sperm count.
  • Phthalates are everywhere. We’re talking about perfumes, colognes, plastic toys, detergents, shampoos, soap, deodorant, shower curtains. And this affects your reproduction systems, your fertility, and can cause some cancers.
  • Now here’s one of the craziest endocrine disruptors that just about everybody uses: milk. Basically, it’s a liquid that comes from a huge female that was fed corn, which is not great for your testosterone. And also the corn was sprayed with pesticides, and then you get the milk, and you put it into a plastic container, which is not good for your testosterone.

What should we do about it?

  • Drink from stainless steel cups.
  • Eat whole, fresh plants.
  • Meats should not be wrapped in plastic. We don’t recommend eating meat regardless, but try to avoid having it in plastic if you’re going to.
  • Avoid fast food, fast food restaurants, people that have gone to them continuously, they have 35% more phthalates in their urine than anybody else.
  • Eliminate soy and corn.
  • No hot food on plastic, don’t put a plastic plate in the microwave. Don’t drink coffee out of plastic cups.

So in conclusion, we are at war with our human-made environment. Testosterone levels are going down at an epidemic rate around the world. We are in the soup of testosterone-lowering toxins. Getting rid of the endocrine disruptors is just as important as a healthy lifestyle when it comes to increasing your testosterone level.

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