How Vegan Diets Can Help In Fighting Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is very common, as you can tell from all those television commercials for ET treatments.

What does it really mean to have ED? What’s the right way to treat it?

Well, for the vast majority of patients, erectile dysfunction is not caused by performance anxiety, it’s caused by narrowed arteries or the very same foods that lead to narrowed arteries in the heart: meat, cheese, etc. They do the same thing in the arteries to a man’s private parts.

The cholesterol and saturated fat in these food products narrow the arteries throughout the body, and that means that ED might be the least of your problems.

Healthy diet

According to a 2010 study published in Circulation Journal, men with erectile dysfunction are 60% more likely than other men to have a heart attack to have a stroke to have a heart-related hospitalization or even a heart-related death.

A study published in The Annals of Family Medicine even found a link between ED and diabetes. Men were surveyed for the presence of ED, and those who had it were more than twice as likely as other men to also have diabetes.

What’s probably happening is that the same fatty foods that caused ED are contributing to the insulin resistance that leads to diabetes.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news – when we use low-fat plant-based diets in research studies, one of the most common side effects is that ED improves it often goes away.

Just as a healthy diet can reverse artery blockages in the heart, it does the same thing and all the rest of the body.