Importance and Difference Between Erection Health And Fitness

Do you know the difference between erection health and erection fitness, and why that’s so important? Sometimes people get that confused. They bring it all together, and that’s a mistake. Today, what we’re going to talk about specifically is the difference between the two, why health is actually more important than fitness, and tell you why you need to have both.

First, we’re going to talk about fitness failure. We’re actually talking about James Fixx, the father of jogging. He wrote a book back in 1976, a New York Times bestselling book talking about jogging. And mind you, back then, jogging was new. When you see people running around now, that was abnormal back in the day, unless they were being chased.

But James, at that time, when he first started out in 1967, he was overweight by a good 60 pounds, he was smoking two packs a day, and then he discovered jogging. Lost all the weight, wrote the books, and then everything was looking great for his life, except for a couple of issues.


One is that he had a very stressful job, and the other is that he was on his second divorce, and he also had a family history where his father died from a second heart attack at the age of 43. Of course, James does all this jogging, loses weight, stops smoking, and of course, he dies at 52. Why did that happen? Well, the old science would say, “Well, okay, we have to look at the stress, and we have to look at, well, his family history. So what happened with his father?”

The new science says something different. “Yes, the stress actually added to it, but it wasn’t the family history from his father’s genes. It was the family history from what they ate. What they ate got passed on.” Heart attack basically means there was atherosclerosis, which is basically plaque that lines the artery walls. What ended up happening is that one of his coronary arteries was 95% closed, the other one was 80% closed, and the other one was 70% closed. What does that equal to? A heart attack.

So, when it comes to what was supposed to be enough room for the blood to go through, it was actually down to a critical level, which is a huge problem. Basically, we are trying to say that jogging by itself won’t fix bad health.

Now let’s go ahead and talk about health versus fitness. What happens when people see someone out of shape, the first thing they think is, “Hey, you have to go to the gym, you have to go jogging, you have to do this.” And there’s a problem with that. We should break down the definitions.

When we are talking about fitness, fitness is the state of being physically fit and healthy. When we’re talking about health, being healthy is a state of being free of illness or injury. Of course, you’re going to notice that when we’re talking about fitness, you need to have physical fitness and health combined, which’s very important.

Why is that? If you remember Isaac Hayes, the soul singer. Some of you younger guys may know him as Chef from “South Park.” But what happened to Isaac Hayes, an icon in our culture? He died right next to his treadmill. They found him dead of a stroke with his treadmill still being on. In other words, Isaac Hayes tried to get in shape without taking care of his health first.

This is just an example of trying to get in shape without taking care of your health, leading to more injuries and more health issues. When it comes to erections, your health makes up the majority of what needs to happen. For this, we actually have the 80/20 rule applying. 80% of your erection health comes from health, the other 20% is your fitness.

Here’s a clear example of that: out of shape guys have babies. Obviously, something’s functioning, but they’re not the most fit of guys. Even on our sexual performance scale, with the scale of 10 being the highest, everything’s working, one being the lowest, nothing’s working at all, you can be healthy and get all the way up to an eight, but in order to get to that next level, you have actually to get your fitness in line.

The reason why is because of inflammation. If you watch the movie “Game Changers,” we have Derrick Morgan, who is a Tennessee Titan NFL football player, retired after nine years. He went on a plant-based diet because he was looking to make sure that he could last long in the NFL, which is a 100% injury prone.

So for him, what was important, was actually an inflammation going down. His cholesterol and his blood pressure had also gone down, which is all great. But when it comes to those inflammatory markers, that was what he was looking for in his blood test. Why is that? Inflammatory markers are certain proteins that are released into the blood through your liver. And the one we’re going to focus in on is called high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.

If you have a lot of this in your blood, that means that you’re more prone to have inflammation. And if you’re trying to get fit while you have a lot of inflammation, you can actually cause more injury. And specifically, for what we talk about here in terms of sexual health, increased levels of that particular protein are associated with erectile dysfunction or leading up to it.

If your inflammation markers are already high, that means you’re more prone to injury, having erectile dysfunction, and possibly death, as exampled by Isaac Hayes and James Fixx.

Two things to understand really quickly, meat consumption increases those markers, and plant-based diets decrease those markers. Because we’re talking about erections, in this movie “Game Changers,” they took three college athletes, and over the course of two days, gave them a meat-based meal, and the next day, gave them a vegan-based meal.

During that process, they did some things to measure their erections while they were asleep. And while you’re asleep, you have five erections. With these guys, who are healthy, on the meat-based diet, they were smaller. On the plant-based diet, they actually increased their erection size by 8% and increased their erection time by 300 to 500%. That’s a hell of a lot.

So, in conclusion:

  • Fitness is the state of being both physically fit and healthy.
  • Healthy is the state of being injury-free and illness-free.
  • Your health makes up 80% of your erections.
  • If your inflammation markers are high, then you’re more prone to having ED and injury.
  • Eating meat increases your inflammation markers, and eating a plant-based diet decreases your inflammation markers.

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