Kegel exercises for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Are you looking for Kegel exercises to help you overcome erectile dysfunction? We are going to guide you through the Kegel exercises that will help you have and maintain an erection and last longer by delaying ejaculation. We’re going to cover the essential types of pelvic muscle training for ED.

These are Kegel exercises for

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • During intimacy (to last longer)
  • How long for results

So, we’re going to be strengthening the muscles that wrap around and sit next to the base of your penis and the muscles that encircle your anus. You don’t need to have an erection to do these exercises – it makes no difference.

Kegel exercises

When these muscles contract near the base of your penis, they increase the rigidity or stiffness of your penis and help you keep rigidity. You can see bulbospongiosus wrapping around the base of your penis – this muscle works like a pressure cuff – it contracts and stops blood flowing out of your penis, so the blood builds up, making your penis stay erect.

Let’s get started strengthening these muscles using a routine that has been shown effective in scientific research.

We’re going to start doing Kegel exercises sitting.

Kegels for Strength

This is how you train stronger pelvic floor muscles to help with an erection. If you’re sitting on a chair, sit forward away from the back of your chair and lift your chest tall.

First, we want you to try to shorten your penis. This means try to move your penis inwards towards your body as if you are withdrawing it or retract it – it’s just a small movement. Use the muscles at the base of your penis to do this action. Can you feel this?

Try again if you need to. Don’t worry, your penis won’t stay short. This is just a way of gaining control over your muscles.

Next, imagine you’re trying to stop the flow of urine. We’d like you to tighten the muscles in and around the base of your penis as if you’re trying to stop or slow the flow of urine and now relax.

Finally, tighten the circular muscle around your anus as if you’re stopping gas from passing. Can you tighten your anus? This isn’t your buttocks squeezing, so you shouldn’t be moving up and down on your seat.

Now let’s put those 3 actions together to do a correct Kegel exercise. Sit tall, inward curve in your lower back, breathe normally as you shorten your penis, try to stop the flow of urine, and tighten your anus all at the same time.

Try not to hold your breath or pull your abdominal inwards. Keep going if you can, keep your buttocks relaxed throughout, keep contracting your muscles, and keep breathing a little stronger if you can. Now, relax your pelvic floor muscles and take a couple of breaths before your next exercise.

Try to do this exercise sitting 3 times in a row in the morning and the night, contracting as strongly as you can every time for up to 10 seconds.

You’ll get your muscles stronger by contracting them stronger when you’re able to. So now you’ve done this exercise sitting, you will also need to repeat the same exercise lying down and standing upright, 3 times in the morning and 3 times at night.

Ultimately you should be doing these Kegel strength exercises using your maximum possible strength.

Kegels for Endurance

We’re now going to move onto endurance exercises to help you maintain an erection and delay ejaculation. You need to do some endurance training to keep your muscles working during sexual activity to maintain an erection.

Endurance training involves you holding your kegel exercises for longer, up to 45-60 seconds if you can but this time not so strong. Aim to contract for about 50% of your maximum strength

Let’s try an endurance exercise sitting upright. The Kegel exercise involves exactly the same technique we’ve just gone through. However, there is a couple of differences in training.

We’d like you to sit tall, lift your chest, and now gently shorten your penis, stop the flow of urine and gently tighten your anus as if to stop gas from passing – this time, your exercise isn’t as strong as last time. Keep breathing normally. See how long you can do this exercise. Keep breathing, keep holding gently, if you can, for a couple more seconds, and now relax your pelvic floor if it’s not already relaxed.

These endurance exercises are different from your first strength exercises – this time, your exercises involve longer gentle holds, not short, intense holds. Aim to hold these endurance exercises using around 50% or half your maximum possible contraction strength and hold up to 45-60 second holds and see if you can do them 10 times a day.

We want to make an important point about relaxing your pelvic floor muscles: – make sure you relax your pelvic floor muscles and avoid tensing them all the time. While this may seem counterintuitive, continually holding your pelvic floor tense can make ED worse.

Take the time to completely relax your pelvic floor muscles and give them time to recover, just like any muscle endurance training.

Kegel exercises during intimacy

Here are some tips to help you get and keep an erection during intimacy:

Your muscles will work best in the position you train them, so for intimacy, think about the position you will be in during sex and then practice Kegel exercises in these intimate positions, for example, kneeling on all fours. You’re the best judge of the position for you to practice in

1. Try tightening your pelvic floor rhythmically to achieve and maintain penile rigidity or erection.

2. Use SLOW thrusting movements to generate higher pressure inside the penis (this is what you want)

3. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to delay ejaculation using the technique

How long for results

Now finally, how long until you see results? Training your pelvic floor is just like any other muscle training – think about the time involved in strengthening your chest and upper body in the gym with weights,

The same is true for your pelvic floor muscles. You might notice your strength starts to improve when night time erections start to occur during the first month of training.

However, for some men, this process can take 3-6 months of dedicated exercises. When starting out, your muscles might be slow to contract and weak, but this can definitely change with dedicated exercises and regular practice.

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