L-Citrulline & L-Arginine. Which is better for erectile dysfunction?

Is L-Citrulline or L-Arginine better for erectile dysfunction? We see a lot of people who have mild erectile dysfunction who want to take something a little bit more natural other than a prescription medication like Viagra or Cialis.

Let’s talk about the basics first: L-Citrulline and L-Arginine are both amino acids that are the building blocks of protein. You can find L-Citrulline in fruits and vegetables, especially watermelon and L-Arginine you can find in fish and nuts.

These two amino acids are really important for erections because L-Arginine actually gets converted into a gas nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is really important because it leads to the dilation of blood vessels, which is important during an erection.

Taking pills

L-Citrulline is a precursor to L-Arginine, and these two get converted back and forth within the body.

So, which is more effective, L-Citrulline or L-Arginine?

Studies have shown that taking L-Citrulline tends to be more effective in helping erections than L-Arginine.

This is because of two reasons:

  • The first is absorption issues. L-Arginine is absorbed into the intestines, but before it makes it into your body, some of it gets broken down by an enzyme called arginase. That basically means that not all of what you take ends up into your system L-Citrulline doesn’t suffer from this problem.
  • The other reason why taking L-Citrulline is a little bit better is that taking too much L-Arginine can sometimes lead to diarrhea which is not ideal when you’re trying to have sex.

How much L-Citrulline should you take?

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive study showing what the ideal or recommended dosage of this stuff is.

Where can you get L-Citrulline?

You can buy this stuff off the internet, go to your local drugstore, pharmacy, or GNC vitamin store. This stuff is pretty easy to find.

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