Obesity and COVID-19 Can Harm Men’s Health Much Faster

In this article, we’re going to discuss information about COVID-19 that everyone needs to hear, how that affects your relationship with COVID-19 and the rest of the world.

Men were already dealing with our own epidemic, which is lowering testosterone. Testosterone levels have been going down around the world for the past three generations, which makes you more susceptible to other diseases. So the thing to remember is like your grandfather had more testosterone than you. And of course, you need testosterone for erections and for other body tissues such as keeping muscle and losing body fat. Also, you have to remember that men with type two diabetes also have low testosterone. One of the other issues, which obviously is something that we can deal with, is many men wait too late to go to the hospital.


Now, if we’re talking about COVID-19, please don’t wait. If you feel you have the symptoms, go ahead and get that taken care of.

First of all, the obvious thing is let’s talk about the symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, and your body or just your muscles start to ache. Now the thing to remember, more than anything, is that it’s highly contagious.

When we say highly, we mean, extremely, highly contagious. So for those people asking whether or not you should be wearing a mask, well, wearing a mask is now sort of like just wearing clothes going into a 7-Eleven. It’s required for a reason. The reason why you have to wear shoes is because, that’s just not sanitary. And the reason why you have to wear a mask now is that it’s just not sanitary at this time. And just remember, as long as one person on the planet has COVID-19, that means everybody is susceptible to having it. Think about it. In just nine months from December 2019 until now, 18 million people affected worldwide. That’s with the shutdown, that’s with wearing masks, that’s with social distancing. Imagine if we didn’t have that, it’d be all over the globe, lot more deaths happening.

Now, some people may not be aware of certain things like blood clots, which can lead to amputation, scarred lungs for life, and actually dealing with mental health issues because, during the process of being sick, you can actually lose blood flow or oxygen flow to your brain.

There are people coming out of it with even more severe issues. And of course, when we’re talking about the death side of things, it just gets worse. We’re talking about, if you go into the hospital, and you end up on a ventilator, there is a very high chance you may not make it. And remember, you’re literally suffering alone. You’re suffering while you’re suffocating from the inside. And this is the wrong time to have a funeral.

We don’t want to have you going through that situation or your family. Now, all of this is harsh, and that’s because the virus doesn’t care. The virus doesn’t care who you are, your political affiliation. It just knows how to do what it does, which is to take you out.

For those folks who will wait for a vaccine, it is not going to work for everyone. We’re talking about a vaccine that will be needed on every human on the planet in order to wipe out COVID-19. So with that in mind, just remember, it’s not just about bending the curve. It is actually about stopping this period around the planet, a pretty hard task to do.

But when it comes to you and your weight and COVID-19, there’s some special information that has just come out that you need to know about. And that is that there is a definite link between COVID-19 and obesity. We are talking about five times the mortality rate. A Wuhan study showed that 88% of people who passed from having COVID-19 had a body mass index of 30 or higher. Now our body mass index or BMI is really just taking your weight and height and calculating how much your body mass index is.

So it’s not the perfect way to measure how much fat you have on you, but it is the way. Your body mass index can affect you in several different ways when it comes to this virus. For example, a French study showed that the number of people who had a body mass index of 25 or higher had a higher rate of ending up on the ventilation machines. If you end up on a ventilator machine, that is not a good look at all.

So one of the things to remember is the high-risk categories for COVID-19. We’re talking about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and new to this list, obesity. And just to give you an idea of where you are when it comes to dealing with this particular disease and the outcome that you want, there are basically five stages to this, if you catch COVID-19. It’s asymptomatic, it doesn’t affect you at all. You can still pass it, or you can get sick and stay at home and be sick, or you’re so sick you have to go to the hospital, which basically means you’re heading toward the ventilation machine. And if you’re able to survive, the recovery could be very long.

What comes next if you don’t get that recovery? Of course, is death. The healthier you are, the more likely you’re to be asymptomatic. That’s the direction that you want to go in.

All right, let’s go ahead and break down the reasons why obesity contributes to a higher death rate with COVID-19. Obesity is connected to low-level chronic stress. Your body’s under stress constantly, just because of what you’ve been eating, how you’ve been functioning. Add in COVID-19, which is a high-level inflammation stressor. Then you’re taking these two combinations, put them together, and your body can’t react the way that it’s supposed to in terms of increasing your immune system. It’s just overwhelmed.

Also, obese people have low cardiovascular fitness. Also, obese people have low cardiovascular fitness. And so that means already, just take the stairs. If you’re taking the stairs and you’re getting to the top of it, you’re going (heavy breathing) now add in COVID to that, and you may not make it to the top of the steps. That’s how important breathing is. And remember, COVID is really just suffocating. It’s all about your breathing.

The enzyme ACE2, which is a receptor inside of your body. COVID-19 needs to latch to that in order for it to get into your cells and start spreading. ACE2 is more abundant in fat tissues. So if you have more fat on your body, then yes, you’re more susceptible to catching COVID-19.

COVID-19 is here. There’s no more walking. You gotta get jogging. So you have to move away from the craziness of what we’ve been eating, how we’ve been not working out. You have to move away from that faster. And the reason for this is actually your family. If you are susceptible to COVID-19, you have COVID-19, then it’s easier obviously to spread it.

Once again, because it’s so highly contagious, you can spread it to your family. You could spread it to your church, your job, people that you care about. So it’s much better to be healthier so you can avoid it. Once again, you’re trying to avoid something that’s going to be around for a very long time. You need to be healthy, so if you do get it, you’re asymptomatic. You can keep going on with your life.

It’s not just about you. It’s about your family. If you live to be an elder, which I hope is the case, then you have to be worried about this because the older you get, the more susceptible you are to the ravages of COVID-19. If you keep yourself healthier, you won’t have to worry as much.

So, in conclusion, this particular disease could be around for the rest of our lives. We’re just not sure at this point. Obesity is connected to chronic levels of stress and inflammation. And COVID-19 is related to high levels, And COVID-19 is related to high levels of stress and inflammation. Those two together, a deadly combination.

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