Patients with COVID-19 may experience erectile dysfunction

With months of the pandemic behind us, there is still a great deal that experts are trying to understand, especially COVID-19 side effects. There have been reports that some men who have had the virus are experiencing the unfortunate side effect of erectile dysfunction. Researchers have found connections between the contraction of the disease and erectile dysfunction diagnosis as well as data pointing to covet, leaving long-lasting results on the way to ED.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Dena Grayson was recently interviewed by NBC and remarked that COVID-19 causes issues in the vasculature. Of course, anything that affects the heart and dew cores eventually affects erections. So, we know that the virus can attack your blood vessels, potentially compromising blood flow during an erection. We also know that the receptors that the virus uses to get inside cells are present on the male reproductive organs like the testicles, so it can actually reduce your levels of testosterone. And finally, the psychological and obviously physical trauma of having the infection can affect your libido.


The study from Italy, which was one of the first hot zones, concluded that ED was a risk factor for COVID-19 pneumonia as well as a likely consequence for survivors. It means that those who suffer from erectile dysfunction before COVID-19 may be more prone to the virus because erectile dysfunction and pneumonia share many of the same common abilities like inflammation, stress, anxiety, respiratory issues, hormonal issues, endothelial dysfunction (a condition where the lining of the small arteries constrict) and depression.

From what we know about the coronavirus now, the virus is found to attack the inner walls of blood vessels throughout the body, causing vascular blockages. This can cause lasting heart damage from a high number of tiny blood clots happening in the tiny blood vessels in the heart. This blocks arterial blood flow, which is what turns a flaccid penis into an erect one. If there’s enough significant damage, it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Of course, remember that more research needs to be done on all aspects of COVID-19, including penis health. If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction and really shouldn’t every man be, we have a few easy tips for incorporating it into your life:

  1. First and foremost – practice social distancing responsible meanings and wear a face mask as recommended by the CDC.
  2. Always wash your hands when you arrive home from being outdoors and use sanitizer.
  3. Stay physically and mentally healthy by engaging with others in safe ways. Eating as healthy as possible and staying active in whatever way you safely can.
  4. If you are having sex, be sure to do so safely, which means not only using condoms but caution. Similar to the way we think of being intimate with every person our partner has had sex with, you need to think in the same way about COVID. When you come into contact with them, you come into contact with every person they came into contact with, and so on.
  5. Take extra care and attention, including your entire reproductive region. Before touching your penis in any way, make sure your hands are exceptionally clean and disinfected. Using warm water wash your penis thoroughly with a mild cleanser. Be sure to get in all of the folds, rinse well, and air dry.

So if you didn’t have enough reasons to wear a mask before, guys, you certainly do now.

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