Simple Morning Routine for Great Morning Erections

Why is morning wood really important? People have questions about morning erections all the time. Of course, it is important that you are having morning erections no matter what your age. But if you don’t, we bring you the morning routine you should use so you can get it as often as you want.

Morning erections are a sign that your overall sexual health is high. It means that you’re getting erections on demand, morning erections, and spontaneous erections. Remember, erections are caused by the bursting and burning of testosterone, and your testosterone builds while you’re asleep. And your circadian rhythms affect your testosterone, which, of course, is going to affect your morning wood.

The goal is to create a routine that you can stick to, something that becomes normal for you. This should be something that you’re doing for the rest of your life. Now success with this is being consistent. That’s the most important thing.

Here’s a couple of things and remember really quick, when you wake up, those first 20 minutes is a perfect time to program your brain. Your brain is coming out of that sleep. It’s coming into consciousness and that little bridge right there, those first 20 minutes are very valuable. So here are some things that you do right then and there.

Morning erection

The first is to go ahead and review your goals. If you’re looking at your goals, you’ve written out goals, looking at ’em, it’s just a daily reminder. It’s feeding your brain. It’s like having a motivational speaker just saying, “Hey, these are the goals. They’re the goals you want.” Do that. Write your goals down, put ’em up on a board somewhere near your bed, where you can see ’em.

The other thing to do first thing in the morning is to meditate. And the reason why you want to do that is that it lowers cortisol and it’s gonna help increase your testosterone.

The other quick tip for you when you’re waking up, wake up at the same time. It just makes things easier. And also do not hit the snooze alarm because you never end up being more refreshed after you hit it. That’s because those little five minute quick naps are not doing anything to you. If anything, it is making you crankier and you’re just having problems. So as soon as your alarm goes off, wake up, get to work. And when we say get to work, it doesn’t mean to look at your phone or computer.

If you’re looking at your phone or your computer, the first thing in the morning, you’re taking in that stress of, “How many followers do I have? “Did I make sales today? “Why is this person emailing me? “I don’t want this spam.” You don’t need that first thing in the morning. You want to keep your brain clear. Get those 20 minutes of reprogramming yourself, and your day is going correctly.

Those are the things that you need to do for your mind, so everything is working off the back correctly. But when it comes to actual physical stuff, we are talking about intermittent fasting, making sure that you’re basically skipping breakfast in terms of getting your 16 hours of not eating and allowing your body to take care of the issues that it needs to take care of.

One of the reasons why you want to do the intermittent fasting is because, as soon as you eat, your testosterone stops producing. So while you’re asleep, your testosterone level is going up. As soon as you eat, it stops the production of testosterone, and that’s what’s needed for those morning erections.

So the more time you give yourself, the more testosterone, the more chance of a morning erection the next day. And if you’re doing intermittent fasting and you’re trying to work out in the morning, you’re doing fasted workouts.

Fasted workouts, especially with high-intensity interval training, is a great combination. When you’re doing fasted workouts, you actually have more energy. And when we say fasting, we mean fasting, not starving.

We don’t want you to get into a situation where you’re bunking where you don’t have enough of the nutrients to get through your workout or your feeling more tired during your workout. That’s the opposite of what we want. We want you to have the energy. So if you’re eating, that actually slows down your ability to work out well.

And it constitutes the high-intensity interval training. We’re talking about working intensely for 30 seconds, taking a break for 15, and getting back into it really intensely for 30 seconds. The main thing is the intensity level. Make sure you do that.

One important thing about intermittent fasting is that when you come out of the fast, don’t eat junk. One of the most important things of eating, when you’re breaking your fast, breakfast, is that you’re putting plant vegetation inside of your body.

Inside of your gut, you basically have a war going on between the healthy bacteria and the not healthy bacteria. Not healthy bacteria, let’s call them the morticians. The morticians, they’re looking for the dead food. They’re looking for the dead animals, the crackers, all of the sugars. They’re looking for the dead stuff. The plant vegetation is the one that actually takes care of your body, and you want that bacteria in your gut to show up. So if you’re eating fresh fruits and vegetables, the first thing out of coming out of a fast, it’s much better for your body. It actually preps you for a better day.

The normal breakfast is actually not healthy like getting the cereal with the milk. Milk already has a lot of sugar in it. You add the cereal, we also got a lot of sugar in it. Sugar lowers your testosterone. It’s just not only turning off the testosterone you have in the morning, it’s actually lowering your testosterone. You don’t want that.

And here’s a quick bonus, we’re talking about getting ready the night before – the morning worship. Before going to bed, you take it between 1/2 an hour to an hour getting everything ready for the next day. The goal is to get to a point where you wake up in the morning, you have as little stress as possible.

So when we’re talking about the things you should do, we’re talking about some of the simple stuff, just laying out your clothes, prepping your lunch. If you’re working out first thing in the morning, laying out your workout clothes. So when you wake up, all you have to do is just get to the things that you need to do. It actually allows your brain to be freer and you to have more success with your morning routines and actually throughout your day.

Some of the greatest innovators and entrepreneurs and business people, they do this first thing in the morning. They do this to make sure that their mornings are easy to get into.

So pulling this all together, when it comes to what you should be doing in the morning, here’s just a sample routine for you. Go ahead, set your clock for a specific time, let’s say six o’clock in the morning. As soon as you wake up, go ahead and review your goals.

You want to go ahead and meditate. Do not meditate in bed because that’s called sleeping. So go ahead and get up, find a comfortable chair, start your meditation. Do your high-intensity interval training. Do not eat, just do your intermittent fasting for however long it takes for your full 16 hours.

As soon as you come out of that fast, you’re breaking your fast, and you want to make sure you’re eating vegetation. We’re talking about plants, vegetables, fruits, etc. So using the morning routine will help you build up your testosterone so you can have a morning erection.

And a quick routine looks like just getting up the same time every day, reviewing your goals, doing your meditation, doing your high-intensity interval training, and not eating until your intermittent fasting is done. And breaking that fast with fruits or vegetables.

Don’t forget to get everything ready, go ahead and use 30 minutes to an hour the night before, so you have a wonderful morning.

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