Simple tips on how to make love all night

If you’ve ever wondered how to make love all night long, how to have sex until you feel like stopping, then pay attention, because what we are going to talk about the foods and techniques you can use so that you can make love as long as you want.

We are going to give you that information about how, what and when you eat because it makes a huge difference, and how to use the rest and control technique so that you can get to where you want to be in terms of lasting as long as you want. Also, we’ll help you understand your orgasms and help with her having stronger orgasms as well.

By far, the most important thing to your sex life is what and when you eat because basically, that controls the inner workings of your body. You should think of sex as a sport, and in order for you to be at the top of your game, the fuel that you have inside of your body has to be right.

Making love

We’re not talking about what you should eat on the day of sex, so you can have it all night long. Of course, that’d be great, but it’s much better if you’re turning this into a lifestyle. Now, one of the first things is timing. And just like working out in a fasted state, having sex in a fasted state has a lot of benefits of course including an increase in testosterone and having more blood flow going through your body, both of which are necessary for you to have strong erections that can last for a longer period of time.

But you want to give yourself as much time as you can between when you eat and when you have sex because you want the food that’s in your system to be digested and so you’re ready to go. It takes about three hours for vegetation, salads, fruits, whole foods, whole plant foods, to get through your system, and as far as meats are concerned. It takes 6-7 hours or 7-8, depending on your age and how much other stuff you have going on in your body. This is just a general rule.

Of course, sugar lowers testosterone for about a half an hour, minimum. The older you get, the more stuff you have inside of your body, the longer that testosterone dip is going to be in place. So, what should you eat? One of our favorites is watermelon. Hopefully, you can get the seeded watermelon because that’s just more natural.

Also, when you’re eating the watermelon, you should get down to the rind, to the white part because that has a lot of nutrients in it, and it gives you a great amount of energy. It also releases nitric oxide, so you have more blood flow.

Sea moss is also great because it increases your sex drive, also increases your circulation, and it has 90% of the essential minerals your body needs.

Arugula is a favorite too because it has the most nitrates you can find in a plant. And of course, we must talk about spinach because if you’re lasting all night long, that’s going to take some energy, that’s going to take some muscle, and spinach helps with the development of your muscles.

Of course, one of the things we heard about all along is ginseng, and that’s because it helps with increasing your sex drive, but also in the duration of your sex.

And one of our favorites is beet juice because beet juice lowers estrogen, and that shows up in the 18% increase in your performance.

Let’s talk about that rest and control technique. So when we think of having sex all night long, you’re talking about two different things. It’s having sex for a long duration of time, and then what happens? Is it that you have an ejaculation? Because as soon as you ejaculate, it takes longer for you to get back up. We talk about that refractory period, the time between when you ejaculate, and you get back up.

And the more times you do it in a single evening, a single night, the longer it takes for that refractory period to extend. So you can end up getting to a point where you’re just too tired after ejaculating three, four, five times a night. This technique allows you to be in the present and not even worry about it at all because the rest and control technique is literally that, you take a rest.

We are talking about while you’re having sex, you’re getting to the point where you’re feeling a little fatigued, some people have it in their mind you have to keep going until you ejaculate. That’s not necessarily true.

You’re supposed to enjoy your time, and a lot of times, just looking at different videos and porns and things like that, you think this is the way it’s supposed to be. You can take a break. Now, how long you take that break is up to you, but we’re talking about, whether it’s a two-minute break, a quick five-minute break, you just want to rest, run to the restroom, get yourself refreshed, whatever you’re going to do.

The point is if you ejaculate every time you have sex, you’re going to run into some problems; you’re going to lose energy. So you want that energy to build up. The rest and control technique allows for you to build that energy up by having sex, not ejaculating, taking your rest, having sex, not ejaculating, taking your rest, and you can keep doing that for a long period of time until you get to a point where you want to ejaculate.

But during the meantime, you’re getting a lot of sexual energy built up, and it’s doing the same thing for her. And of course, one of the big things is back to that eating and drinking. During your breaks, you don’t want to go get a snack, go eat something, because that’s going to throw your body chemistry off. If it’s sweet, it’s going to dip your testosterone, whatever you’re putting in, outside of water, your body has to deal with.

You want your body to stay focused on making that good loving all night long. And of course, one of the other big things is to make sure you let her know. Because you know if you’re dealing with a woman and you change something up too quickly without letting her know, then she may think hey, you don’t love me anymore, something like that. You just can’t up and say hey, I’m cool, and then two minutes later say hey, I’m ready to get back on it again.

Let her know, and that’s one of those things that you two can enjoy as part of the sexual development of your relationship, and part of that’s communication, so go ahead and let her know.

All right, here’s that quick bonus, and that’s the orgasmic breathing technique, what is called 1-4-2 technique of breathing. This is just a ratio to start out with, and we’re talking about breathing in for 1 second, holding it for 4 seconds, breathing out for 2 seconds.

And what this does it fires up your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is what carries all the waste, and everything that’s in your body gets rid of waste.

Orgasms are actually a massage for your lymphatic system, so they play off of each other. So if you’re using this breathing technique to fire up your lymphatic system, when you’re having your orgasm, it actually makes it even stronger.

So using this technique by itself can lead to you feeling that little surge of energy. And when you have two people together using this technique, it is amazing.

And you can use a stopwatch, you can just count in your head, but when you’re doing this, if you’re laid down, and you have your eyes closed, just relax, the more relaxed you are, the easier it is to come to you. You may have to try for it a couple of times before you feel that sensation.

Definitely go ahead and try it with your girl. This makes a huge difference. It just feels fun. So in conclusion, to have sex longer, avoid eating right before sex. Give yourself as much time as possible, and of course, avoid eating meat and sugar.

The rest and control technique allows you to give yourself time so that you can get back to where you want to be in terms of that amount of energy. So you can go for five minutes, stop, 15 minutes, stop, 20 minutes, stop, half an hour, 45 minutes, whatever you want to do, just give yourself a break, you don’t have to ejaculate every time, just remember to let her know.

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