Testosterone Boosting Workouts for Excellent Sex and Erections

Do you want to maximize your testosterone with working out, but you’re limited with the equipment because you’re at home? In this article, we are going to talk about the exercises that will increase your testosterone, even though you don’t have all the equipment you normally have.

Normally, we’re using heavy weights, but what can you do if you don’t have those heavy weights? How to use high-intensity interval training so that you can get the most out of your workouts and get that testosterone pump going?

Oddly enough, this COVID lockdown can be helpful because you have less stress and fewer duties outside of the home. So you can focus on your sleeping and working out and things like that. Take advantage of it.

And when it comes do doing these workouts, you need to stack it. You need to get your sleep in. You need to get the right foods so that you’re getting the most out of these workouts because you’re going to get more energy, more strength, and better results faster doing it all together.

Workouts at home

Now, a couple of cues for working out at home. First, if you have a concrete floor, you should not be jumping up and down on it. Go ahead and get some carpet, some patting. If you’re stuck in a situation where that’s all you have, be careful with your jumping because you don’t want to injure your legs or get shin splints.

Also, something that a lot of people are picking up on now is using Zoom to do your workouts, so you’ve had a workout buddy. A couple of people that you want to work out with. Pick your time. Hop on Zoom. You can see each other getting your workouts in. It has that level of accountability, and you’re connecting with other people. All of which are great for continuing your workouts.

Now, about testosterone workouts and some things that you need to know. The first just being which body parts you use really determines the amount of testosterone that comes out.

So, the larger the body parts, the better it is for you. So typically, we’re talking about your legs, your back, your chest, and your shoulders. These are the workouts that provide that level of testosterone pump that we’re looking for.

Remember, when your working multiple body parts, in terms of, if you’re doing squats and then you switch to doing over-head presses, you’re moving the blood from the bottom of your body back up to the top of your body.

That helps your heart in terms of developing heart muscles. So you’re actually moving blood back and forth. It’s helping out you’re overall conditioning. In terms of what time to work out, there are two ways to look at this.

If you’re working out first thing in the morning, where your testosterone levels are at it’s highest, you’re actually burning more metabolism. You’re working out for better metabolism.

If you want to work out for more testosterone, so you can have those erections and everything like that, you need to work out in the afternoon. So that just a little distinction based on the latest studies. Of course, it’s all up to you, so pick whichever workout time works best.

When it comes to lifting heavy research has shown that lifting heavy does increase your testosterone levels. And of course, as muscle mass increases, you’re testosterone levels increase. Now the great thing about lifting weight is that it takes mass to move mass. It takes mass to create mass.

So if you’re moving around with heavy weights, that is why you see guys who are jacked, who get really big, and have to lift bigger weights.

Now, if you don’t have the bigger weights, just say you have a dumbbell set, you can actually use that. You just need to lift more often. You need to do more reps in order to get that intensity to get some build. Now mind you, without the heavy weights you’re not going to get as big as you possibly could, but you still need to get that exercise in so you can keep your testosterone levels up. Of course, don’t ignore the small body parts. We’re talking about the arms, the biceps, the calves, and the shoulders.

Strengthening your entire body is, of course, going to help you with your overall metabolism and just strength altogether. So those exercises that do crank them out we’re talking about squats, deadlifts, clean and press, or overhead press, and pull-ups. They make a difference in terms of just getting the most out of your body.

Now, when you’re lifting heavy, it’s important that you take time in between sets. Some guys think – “okay, lift heavy like it’s a high-intensity interval training.” That’s not a good idea because you’re not getting the testosterone benefit that you could if you take rest.

If you’re lifting heavier, go ahead and rest two minutes. Just to give your body enough time to regain strength so you can lift even more. If you’re doing heavy weights and you don’t give your body enough time to recuperate, the next time you’re lifting it’s not going to be as strong, and you could put yourself in danger in terms of like overhead press dropping down on your head.

Let’s go ahead and talk about high-intensity interval training. High-intensity workout for a short period of time with a rest in between going back to the high-intensity workout is a great way to boost your metabolism and to boost your testosterone.

And we’re talking about some simple things that you can take to an extreme. We’re talking about jumping-jacks intensely like you’re moving very fast. High knees, running in place. There are plenty of exercises that you can do intensely. If you have a treadmill or a bike, you can do high-intensity interval training on that. It’s actually very good for you.

So, if you own a treadmill, take it up to the point where you’re sprinting for a good 30 seconds and then take it off for a good 15 to 20 seconds. Same thing for the bike. In terms of the timing, people often, like uh, “Should it be twenty-five seconds?” “Should it be twenty seconds on, twenty seconds off?” It’s really up to you. It’s up to your body and your level of intensity. So the higher the intensity, the shorter the period. And the possibly the longer you’ll need to recover. So it’s all about that recovery period, so when you get back to it, it’s as intense as possible.

Now, you can use a HIIT timer. We would recommend you go to the Android or Apple store, but there are high-intensity interval trainer apps that allow you to set your time, and it’ll give you a countdown for resting. It’s free.

Now, let’s talk about two other quick workouts that you can incorporate into this. They’re workouts. Especially the first one we’re going to talk about plyometrics. Plyometrics is not going to help extremely well in gaining mass, but they are explosive movements that do help out with testosterone. So, you know, plyometric is really just jump training, so we’re talking about things that you can do, such as jump squats, burpees, pushups, squat thrusters, and even more.

The more consistent you are with your workouts, the better the results are going to be, especially as you get older. They actually did an interview with Lebron James, and they asked him, “Now we have the lockdown, and you were going into the championship season, do you think you would have been on top of your game?” And he actually said, “This doesn’t help.” You know, people are talking about, oh, he’s getting to rest. At his age, he understands that he needs to workout consistently to stay in top shape. For the younger guys, they can take a week off. They can take a couple of days off, but as you get older, that consistency has to be there.

And a couple of other things that a lot of other guys don’t think about in terms of how their body works. When you’re working out, you’re working out in terms of blood flow. Where is that blood going? So, let’s say you were lifting weights with one arm. Just doing curls with one arm. Everybody knows that this one arm is going to start getting bigger and jacked, and this arm isn’t because it’s not doing anything. That’s how you’re directing the blood. When you’re doing bodybuilding, you’re just moving blood into specific areas just for a physique, for a greater look.

When you’re doing more cardio, let’s say you’re looking at a person who’s doing a long-distance running. They’re slimmer. That’s ’cause the blood is circulating all through. It doesn’t have time to stop, slow down, and start building at any certain point. So just remember that, in terms of your workout, you’re talking about blood flow, which of course, is very important when it comes to erections.

Now when it comes to consistency, once again, when we’re talking about people, you know, we often say, “Well, how many days a week should I work out? Should it just be 4 days? 3 days? 2 days?”

If you’re looking to be great, then you need to go ahead and take it to the maximum. When you look at Lebron James, look at Kobe, look at Micheal Phelps. These people work out constantly. There isn’t like, “Oh, I have a cheat day.” There isn’t “I have a cheat week. I’m going to take off for the summer.” Something like that. Floyd Mayweather is another person. Worked out consistently. So, go ahead and be consistent with your workouts.

In conclusion, when it comes to this COVID-19 lockdown, we want you to come out in better shape than you went in. Lifting does build up testosterone along with high-intensity interval training. So, make sure you’re incorporating that into your workouts constantly and every day. And of course, consistency is the key. Make sure to stay consistent.

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