The new treatment of ED offers long-lasting results

Most men with age struggle with erectile dysfunction. As they try to turn back the clock on aging, finding a solution to this ailment has been a bit of a Holy Grail. But recently, we came across a promising development in the “Battle of the Boner” that just might be the answer to our prayers.

We’ve talked to a lot of guys in their 50’s and 60’s and all of them admit to struggling with ED. All of ’em. And they all want to know how to have better erections. Now, statistics say that 50% of men in their 50’s and 70% of men in their 70’s have ED, which apparently means a whopping 30% of men in their 70s just don’t have ED at all. I don’t know, that seems dubious.

We think that all aging men have erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is just an inevitable, crappy part of the aging process. If you agree or disagree – leave us a comment.

Great sex

Again, we kinda suspect that ALL aging men suffer from this disease in some form or another, but we’d like to know for sure. If you’re a 50-year-old guy with a magical, 20-year-old penis, please, feel free to correct us in the comments, or, hey, maybe donate your penis to science.

Regardless, there are a lot of things we can do to restore erectile function. Optimizing our hormones is a great place to start. You can raise your testosterone levels, and that definitely helped. A bit. Then there are medications that you can take like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.

Another medication is Bremelanotide, better known as PT-141. Now, PT-141 works on the libido, but you have to inject PT-141. … not, like, into your penis, but still, kind of sucks! Now, you can stack your treatments: you can boost your testosterone, you can take Viagra or Cialis, and you can inject PT-141—again, NOT into your penis (seriously, don’t do that…) and all that works pretty well. All of that might be changing… if you can afford it.

So, we came across a new development in the technology for treating erectile dysfunction that, after a single-use, not only claims to work for up to a year and a half, but also claims to grow the penis in size and make it bigger. We know, right? Now, we’ve always worked on the assumption that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But all the evidence seems to point in the other direction.

This new treatment is called the Priapus Shot, or P-Shot after Priapus, a minor Greek god of horticulture, livestock, and, apparently… dicks. Priapism, which is an erection that won’t go away, is also named after this god. Now, this procedure was developed about 7 years ago, by a doctor named Dr. Charles Runels.

This is the same guy who also developed the Vampire Facelift, and he developed a similar procedure for women called the O-Shot. In the first procedure ever performed, the good doctor injected his own penis just to see whether or not it was safe for his patients. And, yeah, this one is injected into the penis, so…

The P-Shot, and the O-Shot, are based on a medical procedure using Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP therapy has been around since the ’80s. The idea is that a person’s own blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge to separate out the red blood cells, the plasma, and the platelets.

The concentrated platelets are then injected back into the area that needs healing. The Platelet Rich Plasma then releases growth factors that stimulate cellular regeneration and accelerate tissue repair. Now, this process has seen a lot of success, particularly in dentistry and treating sports injuries.

Athletes like Tiger Woods and Steph Curry have used PRP therapy to overcome some pretty debilitating injuries. So now, you can use those same procedures to overcome erectile dysfunction. But it ain’t cheap. The P-Shot comes in at around $2 grand. But when you consider that it lasts for up to 18 months, that can be as little as about $110 per month. We know a lot of guys who are already spending more than that on their ED medications.

But does it really work? We don’t know, maybe. We haven’t done it yet. Obviously, one of the benefits is a stronger, firmer erection. Now, doctors use a test called the Sexual Health Inventory for Men, to determine the severity of a patient’s erectile dysfunction, and the best possible score is 25 points.

The P-Shot claims to raise a patient’s score by 5 points, on average. It also claims to improve sexual stamina by making it easier to achieve and maintain erections. It increases sensitivity in the penis, and it may improve the quality of orgasms. Since PRP therapy works by accelerating the healing process, the P-Shot can also resolve penile pain with an erection, and it can be used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, which is a bending of the penis caused by the build-up of scar tissue.

Most importantly, the P-Shot increases overall blood flow to the penis, opening small arteries and capillaries. And it does this without creating systemic vascular effects like Viagra or Cialis. And because of this, it also makes other therapies, like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, work more effectively. Nice!

And here’s the benefit that blows our mind – it can actually make your dick bigger, possibly by as much as 10-20%. 60% of men who got the P-Shot have claimed that they grew their length and girth by a half an inch. Crazy, right? Most men who get the P-Shot experience, results in 1-3 weeks, with the full effect taking place within 3 months. And the effects can last for a year to a year and a half. So how does it work?

How does the P-Shot achieve these rather amazing results? Here’s the science part. Platelets are rich in bioactive proteins called glycoproteins, that release growth factors. These growth factors stimulate a type of stem cell called a uni-potent stem cell, which is a stem cell that only produces new cells in the adjacent tissue.

The growth factors also enhance the migration of these new cells in and around the injection sites, repairing damaged cells, and extending the life of existing cells, all of which contribute to tissue regeneration. The injections can also enhance the proliferation of Fibroblast Growth Factors, which in turn can direct the healing of wounds and the formation of new blood vessels and capillaries. And they can also stimulate collagen production.

As with any wound healing, the rejuvenation of the penis involves numerous tissue types such as blood vessels, nerves, smooth muscle fibers, lymph vessels, connective tissues, endothelium, and so on. When the penis receives a concentrated blast of bioactive glycoproteins and fibroblast growth factors from a PRP injection, it immediately cranks up the generation of new tissue, not only in the erectile tissue but throughout the entire penis.

Think of it like this. As you age, the function of the penis declines because of a lot of reasons: loss of blood flow due to the diminished capacity of the arteries and capillaries, a decline in the sensitivity of nerves, an inability of the endothelium in the smooth muscles to release Nitric Oxide.

The injection of platelet-rich plasma, and the growth factors that they release, starts the healing process of these tissues, repairing cells that can be repaired, eliminating cells that are old and worn out, and replacing them with new cells resulting in the generation of new tissue.

New smooth muscle tissue and new endothelial tissue, new blood vessels, and repaired nerves. And all this new, repaired tissue leads to improved erectile function and a larger penis, apparently.

Now, we are thinking about getting a P-Shot. As you might imagine, our 2 biggest concerns are the cost… and the idea of getting an injection into the penis. But, they use anesthesia, and apparently, it’s totally painless. We’ll see.

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