What to do when the erection doesn’t go down?

What can happen if you take too much Viagra? Let’s talk about a urological emergency called priapism. So, if you’ve got an erection that lasts more than four hours or it’s not related to sexual stimulation, then you’ve got a condition called priapism.

It is named after the Greek god Priapus for obvious reasons. One type of priapism, called low flow or ischemic priapism, is where the blood cannot lead the penis. It can be caused by taking medications like Viagra or Cialis, trying penile injections, doing illicit drugs like cocaine, or having some underlying medical condition like sickle cell anemia.

It’s really important to take care of priapism before it causes complications. The blood in the penis doesn’t have a lot of oxygen, and so it can cause the tissue in the penis to die, which can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.


What are some of the things you can do at home to hopefully make priapism go down and avoid a trip to the emergency room?

#1 Try some Pseudoephedrine or Sudafed

You can get this medicine at your local pharmacy, but just be aware that this stuff may be locked up and kind of hard to buy just because, as you may or may not know, Pseudoephedrine is one of the components that people use to make methamphetamine.

#2 Put some ice on it

The ice will help constrict some of the blood vessels in your penis, and hopefully, by constricting, it will allow the blood to flow out and the erection to go down.

Now, if these two things don’t work, be sure to get yourself to an emergency room before it’s too late.

What are some of the things that urologists or the emergency physician may do to help get that erection down, so you know what to expect?

The first thing we try is something called aspiration. We’ll take a needle, put it into the corporate of the penis, and just suck out some of that blood. Sometimes it works. However, we find a lot of times it doesn’t, and we often have to move on to the next thing, which is the injection of Phenylephrine.

So, Phenylephrine is a vasoconstrictor, and it will cause the blood vessels in the penis to constrict so that no more blood flow goes into it and gives a chance for the blood that’s in there to leak out.

If this doesn’t work, we move on to something a little bit more invasive. We try to create a passageway between the corpora and the glands, which is the tip of your penis. We’ll take a scalpel, put it through the glands all the way to the corpora, and create that connection so that the blood will flow out.

If you want to know more about priapism and other men’s reproductive and sexual health problems, please, speak to your doctor.

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