Why Does The Erection Go Down During Sex

If you’ve ever been in the middle of making love, and then all of a sudden, your erection leaves. Or you’ve been good all day, it’s time for your erection to show up, and it’s not there? Here, we are going to explain why your erections leave during sex and what you need to do about it.

First of all, obviously, you can lose your erections for a number of reasons. We’re talking about your overall health, what you eat, your fitness levels, the amount of sleep you get, just a number of things that affect that. Don’t worry, this happens to all men at some point in your life, especially as you get older. ED happens basically when you’re not getting an erection or maintaining erection the way that you want to.

And some of the causes are sort of obvious stuff. We’re talking about tobacco use, heavy alcohol use, just your body in general, whether you have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high cholesterol – all of those things obviously can affect your body.

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As you already know from our previous articles, is the bursting and burning of testosterone fuels erections. So the thing to remember is that your testosterone changes all day long. It does stay in about the same range, though.

So the higher your range is, the better it is, the least likely you’re going to have an erection loss during sex. One of the things to remember is that testosterone is the highest in the morning. That’s the reason why you get your morning erections, and morning sex is so great. And you actually lose 20% over the course of a day. And that does include if you do some of the wrong things like drinking alcohol or things like that.

Of course, the thing to remember is that your testosterone is created while you sleep. So make sure you get your sleep in.

Now, let’s talk about what you eat. This is very important because what you consume has the most direct effect upon your body, and that affects your erections. Eating foods that cause inflammation is going to slow down the blood flow, and that’s what you need for strong erections.

If your body is constantly dealing with bad foods, it doesn’t have time to help you get better erections. It’s trying to fight off what you just ate, fight off the inflammation that’s occurring. When we’re talking about foods to avoid, because they’re going to cause more inflammation, obviously, we got to talk about fried food and animal protein.

The animal protein stays in your system for six to eight hours. So you may be thinking, “Oh, I just ate that really early during the day,” but it still stays in your blood, and it affects the inflammation, blood flow, and your erection.

Of course, we talk about sugar because that lowers your testosterone levels immediately. Milk and cheese also do that. You have to be careful with juices because juices tend to have a lot more sugar than you need.

This may seem like a lot because this is the stuff that we normally eat. We’re not supposed to be doing this. We’re in an unnatural state when we’re eating this way. And a great tip for you, if you’re having an ED issue – avoid eating for a minimum of three hours before you have sex. It’s like going swimming, you got to have your stomach clear, so you can function properly.

Let’s talk about something that a lot of people aren’t familiar with and haven’t thought about, and that’s called partner erectile dysfunction. And that’s when you’re with someone you want to have sex with, but it’s not working out. And there may be some underlying reasons that you haven’t thought of.

Part of that is just dealing with overall stress. If you’re stressed and she’s stressed, and you guys are bringing your stress together, it’s not great for lovemaking, it’s not great for your erections. So some of the things that you can do about that is to have more foreplay. We always say foreplay is for men. And that is because it helps build up your testosterone, so you get more blood flow, better erections.

For example, you can have a Nuru massage. Basically, it’s an adult slip and slide. It is really fun. And it gives you time to play with each other, have that foreplay, so when it’s time to interact with each other, to have intercourse, much easier, things are working the way they’re supposed to.

One of the things you have to do, though, is remember – the best sex is when you’re present, when you’re into the moment, when you’re not thinking about anybody else but this person, and enjoying yourself. So that’s something you have to concentrate on.

You also have to experiment with condoms. You have to make sure you have the right size condom if you’re using that. Sometimes you may not be even thinking about it, but you do have a piece of plastic that’s covering the most sensitive part of your body.

Of course, that’s going to have an effect. Obviously, we want you to use condoms if that’s the situation, but at least let her know so that both of you are on the same page in understanding that this is a situation that you need to resolve.

Real quick tip, a lot of guys don’t know about this, this is the old school play at one, keep your socks on. It actually helps with the blood flow. Blood flow moves up and down throughout your body. If your feet are warm, then that blood flow stays in the center area of your body. And just a couple of other quick tips that you want to make sure that both of you guys actually warm up.

We know this sounds somewhat non-romantic, but it’s like, hey, if you’re just not doing anything, sitting around, and you just start having sex, sex is a physical activity, you want to be limbered up. And when you’re doing this, this actually helps with your confidence. You want to get your confidence back. Your confidence carries a lot, and it also carries a lot of testosterone with it. So when you get your confidence back, you won’t have to have this problem going forward.

Now, let’s go ahead and talk about what happens when it happens. You’re there, you’re about to have sex, and it’s like, Oh, you know what? I’m not sure why the… It gets a little bit uncomfortable, but there’re some things you can do about that. The first thing you do is actually let her know. Just sort of giving her an explanation of what is going on because you two could be doing things together that don’t work.

We call it Valentine’s Day effect. Valentine’s day is the worst day for most guys when it comes to having sex if you’re already having issues because there’s the stress that you have to perform tonight.

Then it’s like, oh, well I gave her a candy, and I ate some of that too. Testosterone going down.

We’re going to go out. You’re going to eat a good meal, your testosterone and blood flow got messed up. And now you have to perform. Oh wait, aren’t we going to drink something? Testosterone level is going down.

You may be doing something, and she may be doing something inadvertently, not realizing that you are affecting yourself. For women, they can drink and still perform. For guys, it’s not as easy. With that information now both of you, she can help you figure out what you need to do. She can encourage you to take care of yourself so that she can enjoy.

In conclusion, you can lose erections for a number of reasons, mainly your health and fitness, and what you eat, and when you sleep. Eating and drinking have the most immediate effect on your erection, so pay attention to that. Do not get stressed about this happening. This does happen to guys, and you’re going to be all good. Especially if you learn the lesson from that time. It is really important to make sure you talk about it with her because if she’s not getting information from you, she may start making things up in her mind, like, well, he doesn’t love me anymore, or he’s cheating on me.

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