Why more young men have big erection problems?

If you are 24 or older and you’re having erection issues, there could be a good reason for that. We are going to talk about why you’re having erection issues and give you some great advice on what to do about it so you won’t have these issues in the future.

We’re now living in an unnatural world. What do we mean by that? Well, it’s only been 150 years where we’ve gone from eating meat rarely to it being at every meal. So, that’s a huge shift, and obviously, that’s affecting our bodies. And then when we take a look at the last 80 years, and we’re talking about all the electricity. Now people are able to stay up longer and get less sleep. That’s another factor, and also we have to talk about all the electronics and the phones and all these different things. Obviously, that has a very different effect on you.

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As we mentioned in previous articles, we’ve been having a low testosterone pandemic for a long time now. That’s affecting you, and the bursting and burning of testosterone is what fuels an erection. So, living in this unnatural world has led to erection issues. Some studies are suggesting by the year 2030 there is going to be a huge population of men who are infertile. That’s how unnatural we’re living right now.

So, let’s go over the dangers of not changing, and there’s a bunch of them. The first being early erectile dysfunction. If you’re having problems with erections right now, maintaining an erection, or getting an erection, well, that’s a sign of ED, and if you don’t make changes, it is just going to continue.

It’s also an indicator of lifelong illnesses. There are going to be illnesses that come because your testosterone levels are low. And with low T, you’re talking about issues like diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, things of that nature. Things you don’t want. Things you may be thinking, I’m too young to have that issue. No, you’re sitting there in line for that.

And of course, there’s impotence. If you’re having ED early on and you don’t get that change, it’s just going to keep on leading to a point where you’re not going to be able to function at all. And of course, if all of this is happening, this is not helpful. It’s actually leading to an early death. And here’s the unfortunate thing.

But, we are going to give you two, just two of the things that you need to hear. We have a system where we talk about ESEIS. Energy, sleep, exercise, intermittent fasting and your soul, like meditation. We’re going to talk about the beginning and the end, the two most important parts: about what you eat and also about your soul, your stress levels.

When it comes to food, food has the most direct effect on your body. Why? 70% of your body’s DNA is determined by what you eat. That 30%, that sort of locks you in place, that’s your genetics, that’s your height, that’s eye color, things like that. There are only two food groups: live food and dead food. So, you need to get as much live food into your body as possible. Live food is plant fibers. That’s really it. Just eat more plants. And when it comes to the dead food, when we’re talking about animals.

The reason why we call it dead food is in order for humans to consume an animal, the animal has to be dead. If you’re consuming death, obviously it’s not a good thing. Your body doesn’t function efficiently off of eating dead stuff, and that’s sort of obvious. Because what happens is that meat clogs our veins, it clogs our bodies. It causes inflammation, slows down blood flow, and you lose your erections.

When we start talking about your gut biome, basically, what it comes down to, is in your large intestines is when your food gets turned into you. So you eat something, it goes through your stomach, goes to the stomach acid, goes into your large and small intestines, where they are 100 trillion bacteria that go through and just started eating and taking care and moving and taking whatever you ate and turning it into you.

While you can eat several different things around the planet, you want to eat the things that are optimal for you, and those are plants. There are 22,000 edible plants around the planet, and most people get stuck eating the same four types of meat and the same four seafoods. One thing to remember that a lot of people are still doing, stop using a microwave. Please don’t use a microwave. We don’t care if you’re microwaving popcorn. Whatever you put it into a microwave, you’re taking the energy out of it. If you’re eating something that’s like that, you basically, you’re eating cardboard. Just flavored cardboard. It’s not good for you at all.

Let’s jump into that second part, which is your soul. We’re going to talk about stress. Chronic lifelong stress. And it’s important for you to understand this because the generation before, their level of stress wasn’t as high because they didn’t have the phones, they didn’t eat the same way we’re eating now where you have so much processed meat. So when you have chronic stress, your body does a couple of things that are not good for you at all. The first thing is that it actually slows down the blood flow to the rest of your body so it can move the blood to your brain so you can think your way out of this situation.

But in the meantime, you’re slowing down the goodness of the blood that’s going through your organs. And also, your body is constantly releasing chemicals so that you can go through and fight whoever you’re supposed to be fighting, except the problem is there isn’t a real fight. It’s just in your head. Chronic stress from a bunch of different things over time can lead to more and more problems.

The phones because they’re everywhere. Our kids are using them. Everybody’s using them. Now the thing to remember, of course, is that the phone companies want you to be hooked on the phone. That’s the reason why you get signals, not from other humans but just a beep, just another bloop. So, you keep looking at your phone. You become addicted. It can become a leash. And so, that’s where the stress comes in because now you have people calling you, all types of messages coming through, and you’re responding to stuff that really isn’t for you. And you could end up getting mad, looking at all this different stuff, looking at videos, looking at negative news. All of that stuff is constant stress. Please look for ways to cut back on it. Take your phone, turn that sucker off, sit it down for two, three hours, just relax. You know what’s going to happen in those two or three hours? Nothing. Same stuff that normally happens. You can live without your phone.

And one thing to be very careful about, especially for younger guys, is the normalization of alcohol. Now we’re to the point, you know, it’s club culture. And now with COVID-19, the club is gone, but the liquor stores are still open. And so people are like, well yeah, let’s go ahead and have happy hour on Zoom and things like that. Look, we’ve taken alcohol too far. And if you’re consuming alcohol, it’s damaging your liver, it’s damaging your body. It’s damaging your erections.

Alright, let’s go ahead and talk about some thought processes that you need to have so that you can overcome this problem. The first thing is, it is your body, and it is your responsibility. Please do the research. There is a lot of information about sexual health. All the things that we talked about here. Make sure you get that information. You now have more information available to you than anybody else in human history. So, use that information so you can get better.

The other thing is do not become a part of the magical pill society. And that’s the people that run around and say, “Hey, whatever problem you got, I just got a pill. You know, Viagra, Cialis, etc. You don’t have to do anything else, just take the pill.” People are saying, just go to the doctor so you can get a pill, and that’s it. That’s not the way your body works. And you know it.

In conclusion, the unnatural world has led to a worldwide low testosterone pandemic. The dangers of not making the changes that you need is ED, illness, impotence, and early death. What you eat has the most important influence over your body, so make sure you get your plant fiber in. Chronic stress happens when your body thinks you’re under attack, and it’s gonna pay less attention to your erections than the fact that you have chronic stress. And of course, this is your responsibility. It is your body. Make sure you do the research and execute.

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