Simple Morning Routine for Great Morning Erections

Why is morning wood really important? People have questions about morning erections all the time. Of course, it is important that you are having morning erections no matter what your age. But if you don’t, we bring you the morning routine you should use so you can get it as often as you want. Morning […]

Does Viagra help to stop hair loss?

Did you hear about the use of sildenafil, which is better known by its trade name Viagra for the treatment of male pattern baldness? Now, sildenafil is one of the most famous and prescribed medications in the entire world. It is heavily advertised and usually prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and is also […]

5 Effective Tips To Get Stronger Erections Naturally

How to get harder erections and keep them for the rest of your life? If you are having problems with your erections, and you want to have harder erections, not worry about any issues whenever you’re ready to do what you wanna do, then read these five powerful tips that you can incorporate into your […]

Erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer treatment

Erectile dysfunction is often linked to treatments that are used to target prostate cancer. So, a lot of people might be asking where are the pelvic floor muscles and what they look like in men. Let’s consider еhe purpose of these muscles. One of them wraps around the penis and assists in hosting it up […]

Erectile Dysfunction & What Is Causing It

Erectile dysfunction or ED, those are the words that no man ever wants to hear. Did you know that you do not have to be very old or very ill to encounter that problem? A lot of patients have started having ED issues as early as their twenties and thirties. What’s more amazing is that […]

How Vegan Diets Can Help In Fighting Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is very common, as you can tell from all those television commercials for ET treatments. What does it really mean to have ED? What’s the right way to treat it? Well, for the vast majority of patients, erectile dysfunction is not caused by performance anxiety, it’s caused by narrowed arteries or the very […]

5 Tips on how to prevent erectile dysfunction

In this article, we give you these five useful tips for everyone interested in how to prevent or improve erectile dysfunction. However, if you’re looking for medical advice or more detailed information about erectile dysfunction treatment, we recommend contacting your doctor. Tip #1 Don’t worry. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or keep an […]

Diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction? You’re Not Alone

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that men don’t like talking about because they feel like it’s not glamorous, and they’ll lose their character and masculinity. Still, the truth is, there are many men out there with erectile dysfunction issues. Dr. Natalya Lopushnyan from Greater Boston Urology talked about some aspects of this problem and why […]