How can drugs affect your erections and sexual health?

Are you wondering if the medicines that you’re taking are causing you to have erectile dysfunction or just unreliable erections? We are going to tell you the truth about pharmaceuticals, drugs, and how it affects your body and your erection. First, let us explain in simple words how National Institutes for Health provide the testing […]

The new treatment of ED offers long-lasting results

Most men with age struggle with erectile dysfunction. As they try to turn back the clock on aging, finding a solution to this ailment has been a bit of a Holy Grail. But recently, we came across a promising development in the “Battle of the Boner” that just might be the answer to our prayers. […]

Simple tips on how to make love all night

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Testosterone Boosting Workouts for Excellent Sex and Erections

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Obesity and COVID-19 Can Harm Men’s Health Much Faster

In this article, we’re going to discuss information about COVID-19 that everyone needs to hear, how that affects your relationship with COVID-19 and the rest of the world. Men were already dealing with our own epidemic, which is lowering testosterone. Testosterone levels have been going down around the world for the past three generations, which […]

Alternative medications for “the little blue pill”

One of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction is problems with blood vessels. It might be that your arteries have narrowed quite a bit, and there isn’t enough blood flow into the penis to stimulate the erection for you. Viagra is the go-to drug for guys who start off with this form of erectile dysfunction […]

Simple Morning Routine for Great Morning Erections

Why is morning wood really important? People have questions about morning erections all the time. Of course, it is important that you are having morning erections no matter what your age. But if you don’t, we bring you the morning routine you should use so you can get it as often as you want. Morning […]

Does Viagra help to stop hair loss?

Did you hear about the use of sildenafil, which is better known by its trade name Viagra for the treatment of male pattern baldness? Now, sildenafil is one of the most famous and prescribed medications in the entire world. It is heavily advertised and usually prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and is also […]

5 Effective Tips To Get Stronger Erections Naturally

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Erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer treatment

Erectile dysfunction is often linked to treatments that are used to target prostate cancer. So, a lot of people might be asking where are the pelvic floor muscles and what they look like in men. Let’s consider the purpose of these muscles. One of them wraps around the penis and assists in hosting it up […]