Kamagra is one of the most effective medications used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. While Kamagra doesn’t cure this disorder, the drug can help you handle its symptoms, so you can successfully have sexual intercourse and enjoy your sexual life without worrying.

The active ingredient of the drug is exactly the same as Viagra and many other ED medications. Sildenafil citrate is a PDE type 5 inhibitor, which works by relaxing smooth muscle cells of the blood vessels supplying the penis and promotes penile blood flow.

The patient doesn’t have to worry about spontaneous erections because the drug works only in the state of sexual arousal and requires sexual stimulation. The effect of Kamagra starts in half an hour after intake and lasts for about 4 – 6 hours. The patient should consult a doctor regarding the dosage and possible side effects of sildenafil before taking the drug.

The maximum daily dose of Kamagra should not exceed 100 mg of sildenafil. Do not take the drug more than one time a day. The drug is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases, liver problems, or strokes/heart attacks.

Bartell Drugs

Available dosages: 100 mg tablets
Price: from $0.9

What customers say:

From the start, my quest to receive the COVID-19 vaccine from Bartell Drugs has been a very positive experience. Nicole answered my call, and she couldn’t have been more pleasant and helpful. She accepted my contact information, and from there, all the pharmacy’s contacts to me regarding the vaccine were helpful and informative. Once the Governor included 65+ into 1A, Bartell Drugs was off and running to administer all of their acquired Moderna vaccines. Their organized distribution of the vaccine couldn’t have been handled any better. They secured a large facility from which to administer the vaccine. Everyone received a predetermined time, and there were many people there to assist in the check-in, administration of and after, the required observation time of patients. “Easy peasy” was what my friends said afterward. This pharmacy needs to be in charge of the distribution of this vaccine. They know what they are doing!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this particular pharmacy. The service and staff are wonderful to deal with! It honestly seems as if over the past (I’ll say a year, could be longer, etc.) that the quality of the staff and service has continued to just get better and better!) The pharmacists are extremely knowledgeable (and half the time they know more than some of the prescribing physicians I’ve dealt with over the years, lol) — especially when it comes to lesser-known interactions and lesser-known side effects) and they are just wonderful to deal with all in all. The technicians are also pretty much every technician. The pharmacist really knows their stuff and can help save money by letting me or my family members know that certain prescriptions can be bought over-the-counter. They will also help with price-saving measures whenever possible and do a good job of being accurate when it comes to having to special order over-the-counter items or prescriptions. From personal experience, I would recommend Bartell Drugs to anyone!

Fry’s Pharmacy

Available dosages: 100 mg tablets
Price: from $1.1

What customers say:

There was an issue with my medication dose increasing and my insurance, and when I ran out, and insurance hadn’t processed the increase yet, they were able to still help me and give me my necessary medication without making me feel at fault or guilty for not taking care of it sooner. They seriously care about their community, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the pharmacy team. Thank you, and have a happy holiday season.

I have been to this Fry’s Pharmacy many, many times for photos, make-up, groceries, cleaning supplies, medicines, etc. I am 72 years old, and I am always treated with courtesy and respect here. Not so much at other retail businesses. Sometimes I am a little slow, but the clerks there go beyond the call of duty to assist me. I will always shop at this pharmacy because I like being appreciated, and I like being around happy, helpful people. I have tried to tip employees who have been exceptional, and they have always refused to say thanks but that they are glad to help. The prices are very competitive with so-called discount stores, and it is always clean and organized.

Metier Pharmacy

Available dosages: 100 mg tablets
Price: from $1.2

What customers say:

I switched pharmacies in March during the height of the COVID pandemic as I live here for convenience, and thank god I did. Like the rest of the areas, pharmacies were overwhelmed. Without stock of the essentials, this staff was not only stocked, but they went above and beyond with their regular customers (both young and old) by offering emotional and psychological support to several patrons that I had personally witnessed in a time of so much uncertainty regarding their health. Their patience, kindness, and much-needed humanistic approach superseded what their position calls for, just filling prescriptions. I was beyond impressed at their efficiency as I am confident they were overwhelmed with all of the chaos, but still took the time to console their customers and answer all of their customer’s concerns with a warm smile and even a few laughs. Rita, Alita, and Piso, well done, ladies, we need more people like you in this world! As I am not one to post reviews, I feel I would be doing a disservice to humankind if I didn’t!

It’s a pleasure doing business with Metier Pharmacy. Nathaniel Adams, the pharmacist, and owner, quickly transferred our family’s prescriptions from our old pharmacy. He calls our medical professionals and requests refills for us. Nathaniel also takes time to answer questions and counsel us on medication recommendations, instructions, and precautions. We love the friendly personal touch we get at Metier Pharmacy.

SpotRx Pharmacy

Available dosages: 100 mg tablets
Price: from $1

What customers say:

The pharmacy went above and beyond with helping me straighten out my outdated extra care account with the appropriate info and, in doing so, found that a family member was wrong too. Hats off and A HUGE THANK YOU to the female pharmacist on duty this evening and especially for TIFFANY’S “EXTRA ATTENTION, TIME, and PATIENCE in getting me back on track for great savings and for my family member too. Management, you have a great asset to the team with an employee like Tiffany. Thank you again, Tiffany. I almost forgot… the manager in the front store with the Jack-o’-lantern Mask on and who has helped me throughout the months with my EXTRA CARE deals…YOU ARE SO KIND, AND I APPRECIATE YOUR HELP ALWAYS!

SpotRx Pharmacy has surpassed all other pharmacy experiences I’ve ever had. In the past, I’ve dealt with some horrible pharmacies. Since switching to SpotRx Pharmacy, I never have to wonder if my prescription or my family is ready or hasn’t been filled. I never have to wait longer than a few minutes. Usually, all prescriptions are ready, and I am always greeted as soon as the door opens. If I have a question, it’s answered and explained so that I know every detail. I absolutely LOVE SpotRx Pharmacy and I’ll never go anywhere else. I love the staff and pharmacists. I always feel like family every time I walk in. So if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy pharmacy, I highly recommend SpotRx Pharmacy… you’ll never be disappointed.

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