Levitra is used to achieve and maintain a stable erection in men suffering from such problems. The main ingredient in Levitra tablets is vardenafil which belongs to the phosphodiesterase inhibitors type 5 (PDE5) drugs. Vardenafil helps to achieve and maintain a healthy erection within several hours after taking the drug.

Levitra empowers the natural mechanisms of erection. When a man is sexually aroused, vardenafil helps the body to fill the penis with enough blood to cause a healthy erection.

Levitra is not a hormone or an aphrodisiac. It doesn’t increase libido or sexual desire and does not affect the quality of orgasm. Levitra doesn’t cause an erection without sexual stimulation.


Do not take Levitra pills more than once per day. Most patients who take the medication are satisfied with the starting dosage of 10 mg. The maximum daily dosage of Levitra is 20 mg. If you are sensitive to vardenafil, the dose should be decreased to avoid side effects.

Always consult your doctor regarding your exact dosage and contraindications before taking Levitra.

Super Health Pharmacy

Available dosages: 20 mg tablets
Price: from $1.52

What customers say:

I receive a text when my prescriptions are ready, text when I have forgotten to pick them up and notice to pick up before my script is sent back. Yea, it’s busy its the only pharmacy that’s on the northeast side of LA. Their customer service has always been professional. I don’t remember ever having any mistakes on any of my prescriptions. I like the employees and their professionalism just fine. Thank you, Super Health Pharmacy and store.

The pharmacy was super helpful when they didn’t have to be. Treated with respect by pharmacists and staff. I love the text updates, so I don’t have to call ahead to check on medication. I am surprised because I’ve generally had negative experiences with pharmacies. Diamond in the rough? The only downsides are the numeric/voice answering machines when you call, and there are usually a few people in line at all times. 1st world problems, I know. But wait times feel longer when you have a 3 and 6-year-old tagging along.

Fuller Drug Store

Available dosages: 20 mg tablets
Price: from $1.5

What customers say:

This pharmacy is fantastic. I have been going here before the incident where they were flooded with 100s of new prescriptions at once (which is when most of the negative reviews were written.) They rebuilt the pharmacy to make it larger to accommodate the influx of new customers, and it is crazy to see it go from just two employees in a tiny pharmacy to quite a few in a bigger area. The original pharmacists still know me by name. I will never go anywhere else 🙂

I’d like once again to thank Fuller Drug Store for its outstanding service. I visited the store on January 21st to get some drinks. Murielle came to help at the cash register. After she realized the product was expired, she quickly apologized and took a step further. She actually made sure there were no expired items left in the refrigerator! As a medical professional, customer service is an attitude: A positive attitude is what makes the difference. I will definitely return.

Lee’s Drug Store

Available dosages: 20 mg tablets
Price: from $1.61

What customers say:

Lee’s Drug Store is one of the cornerstones of our community! They are a great place to pick up anything from medications, to decorations, to keep-sakes. They even have a fantastic custom photo framing center! The business is among the top leaders of our community. They work to provide opportunities for students, and they’re one of the longest and most involved supporters of the Chamber and Main Street programs.

Thank you to my dermatologist for recommending this pharmacy to me. They provide excellent service to customers, are responsive, and always help get my copays down to the lowest they can with coupons. I used to just use them for dermatology medications, but I eventually switched all of my medications to them and couldn’t be happier. They are always on time with their delivery, and during these tough times, it is really helpful to have your medications delivered.

Normandy Pharmacy Inc

Available dosages: 20 mg tablets
Price: from $1.6

What customers say:

When you see how busy this Normandy Pharmacy is, you have to be amazed at its efficiency. These are front-line employees putting their own health on the line for us. They were under gracious pressure and got my prescription ready in time for me to catch my bus. They also helped me save over $300! In my universe, the staff there are my new best friends! I thank them all, especially Lisa and Quang. I’d give them 10 stars! Thanks, wonderful people, for your service!

The pharmacist, Chris B, is absolutely terrific. I’ll put up with the other doofuses for his assistance – he is so nice, helpful, and patient – I really can’t say enough about what a great pharmacist he is! Overall, prices are good, and the service is usually quick from the time prescriptions are called into the time they’re filled. And I really like the text notifications as well as the option to pay online in advance when I order refills.

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