Vardenafil is a highly effective oral medication that improves erectile function in patients with sexual problems. The medicine even helps in cases of mild and severe forms of erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil is one of the best solutions if you are unable to maintain an erection.

VardenafilIn clinical trials, Vardenafil proved to be as effective as other ED medications based on Sildenafil and Tadalafil, but it has more potent action at inhibiting phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5).

One of the most significant advantages of Vardenafil is better tolerance and a lower number of side effects. For example, because the drug doesn’t inhibit the phosphodiesterase-6 enzyme, Vardenafil doesn’t change the color perception, which often occurs during the treatment with Sildenafil.

Besides, Vardenafil showed excellent results in patients who have erectile dysfunction caused by retropubic prostatectomy or diabetes mellitus. For these patients, Vardenafil is recommended as a first-line treatment option.

Several randomized trials demonstrated that Vardenafil is preferred for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Like any other PDE5 inhibitor, Vardenafil helps patients to achieve and maintain an erection by the relaxation of prolonged muscle and increasing blood flow to the pelvic organs. Levitra is the most well-known brand name of Vardenafil. It is produced in the form of oral tablets with strengths of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg.

The medical and financial success of Levitra leads to the entry of its various generic versions on the pharmaceutical market.

Generic Levitra

The generic version of Levitra is basically an equivalent of a famous branded drug with an identical active ingredient. It is made with exactly the same technology and standards and has the same effectiveness and safety but costs less.

Lee’s Drug Store

Available dosages: 20 mg tablets
Price: from $1.87

What customers say:

LEENA is the best pharmacist! She is so sweet, helpful, patient, and compassionate. I read some of the reviews, and I think the problem isn’t the pharmacy. It’s usually a problem with the insurance or the prescription that was called in. Whatever the case, I try to be patient because I know they are doing their best to help everyone that comes in. There’s always someone that is going through something worse than you, and a little compassion and patience go a long way.

Lee’s Drug Store is great, and Pharmacists are amazing. Svetla always remembers my name before I even say a word and knows exactly what is going on with my prescriptions! She is also very “hands-on” in getting refills authorized and pre-authorizations pushed through the insurance. Having her as your pharmacist gives the feel of the old “soda shop” pharmacy, but with the weight of a huge corporation behind it. We have stayed with her through 2 moves, both further away from her location. We now drive past 3 other locations just to have her take care of us. I could NOT recommend this pharmacy more!

Titan Pharmacy

Available dosages: 20 mg tablets
Price: from $1.8

What customers say:

Breanna and her manager were so kind. I commend their excellent customer service skills! I called and asked if they had a product, and not only did she go check, but she came back with the price and offered to hold the product for me at the counter. When I arrived, she was very friendly and courteous. Her manager had to come help ring up some items that weren’t ringing up correctly, and he was extremely helpful, with a great attitude. Highly recommend this Titan Pharmacy!

I’ve been to tons of pharmacies with bad experiences, but this one is fantastic. They really deserve the 5 stars. My prescription is always filled super quickly. They are so nice, and they actually care about their customers. They know people by name, and they go above and beyond not only for me, but I’ve seen how great they treat other customers too. Every single employee is respectful and friendly. I actually leave here with a smile on my face! They are very flexible and help with whatever you need. I couldn’t ask for more and am so glad I moved all of my scripts here.

Healthy Corner Pharmacy

Available dosages: 20 mg tablets
Price: from $1.9

What customers say:

I LOVE this pharmacy. They’re always helpful and have a variety of OTC items. I don’t come frequently, but I’m always remembered. I moved from the area and still journey all the way over for my prescriptions just because I love the customer service so much (even though they deliver). I haven’t trusted any pharmacy as much as I trust this one for accuracy, help, and care. Plus, every time I pick up my prescriptions, I get a free household item. You gotta love that!

Healthy Corner Pharmacy has an interactive drive-through, which makes it really convenient, and the staff are awesome. They have an intern, I believe her name is Ashley she rocks she’s very informative knows what she’s talking about in fact, most of the staff there have been pleasant and accommodating with the exception of one staff member, and I won’t list her name, but she needed an attitude adjustment perhaps it was just a bad day, but it definitely came off as snooty!

Hudson Square Pharmacy

Available dosages: 20 mg tablets
Price: from $1.75

What customers say:

Great neighborhood pharmacy with a staff who will go above and beyond to assist you, answer questions and make recommendations. The old-fashioned personal touch is there and obvious when you are greeted by name. They even fill prescriptions as you wait. Cards, first aid supplies, cold drinks, shampoos, vitamins, and all types of other items are available, so a trip to one of the chain pharmacies is oftentimes unnecessary. Delivery available.

Hudson Square Pharmacy has been wonderful to work with from the beginning. I won’t lie, there have been a couple of hiccups along the way, but the times I’ve had issues, they have been willing to work with me whether or not the issue was their fault. I switched from Walgreens to Hudson Square Pharmacy to support small business owners but also because I believe in their statement. Having safe spaces in all varieties is so important for the community. I highly recommend this pharmacy.

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