Priligy (Dapoxetine)

Dapoxetine, marketed as Priligy in the USA, is used to delay the process of ejaculation and prolong the time of sexual intercourse. It is approved to treat premature ejaculation in 50 countries of the world, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Sweden, and Finland [1].

By being selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Dapoxetine hydrochloride inhibits the reuptake of serotonin by neurons, which leads to delayed ejaculation, thus increasing the time of sexual intercourse.

Dapoxetine is rapidly absorbed, and its maximum plasma concentrations occur between 1 to 2 hours after intake.

How to take Dapoxetine

Dapoxetine should be taken 1-2 hours before sexual intercourse, without chewing, and washed down with plenty of water. Patients can take the drug with or without food. The recommended dosage is 30–60 mg. Patients shouldn’t combine Dapoxetine with some medications such as tricyclic antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, narcotic analgesics, antifungals, and migraine medications. It is not recommended to use Dapoxetine with alcoholic beverages because it can provoke the appearance of such side effects as dizziness, drowsiness, and decreased reflex rate.

Franklin Square Pharmacy

Available dosages: 60 mg tablets
Price: from $1.19

What customers say:

Franklin Square Pharmacy truly is a hometown pharmacy. The pharmacist, Pat Patel, lives in the pharmacy. It’s the very air he breathes. As is the help that he has beside him. This hometown pharmacy is not an example of Big pharma. Its purpose is the health and wellness of the whole person. Yes, prescriptions are filled there, but they offer more than Rx care for the individual. That’s so important to one’s dignity and independence. If you or your family or if you’re a caregiver, this is the pharmacy for all your needs. Mr. Patel and staff are extremely knowledgeable and can offer assistance with delivery, ordering special supplies( many medical supplies on sight). Also available is a 24-hour phone line for clients. Honestly, it does not get any better than that. During this crisis, their doors have been open round the clock and still deliver daily. Let’s not forget all our locals here. Thank you. Shop local. Buy local. Play local. Show locals some love.

I honestly cannot praise the staff in this Franklin Square Pharmacy enough. I always use the drive-up window, and I’m sure it’s staffed no differently than if I went inside, but I literally drive away feeling better about… hell, everything!! Lol! We have a 13mo little girl, and most dads will agree when I say that I know absolutely no more than I need to about her “parts.” The techs here don’t even realize how many times they have calmed my anxiety and put my mind at ease when it comes to my little girl and the “stuff” that goes on down there. So professional and understanding and certainly kind and caring. Thank you so much to the pharmacy techs and pharmacists at Franklin Square Pharmacy!

Arrow Pharmacy

Available dosages: 60 mg tablets
Price: from $1.2

What customers say:

I normally have my prescriptions filled in Phoenix. Unfortunately, I have a few, and they are not cheap, and I have no insurance. I did, however, recently receive a card in the mail. This card has saved me around a third on one of my prescriptions, $150 to $100. I recently needed this filled ASAP (pain meds needed due to my 3rd Posterior Cervical Fusion surgery). I was not able to drive 45 miles to Walmart.. well, let’s just say it’s not a pleasant experience. I have always loved this pharmacy (Arrow Pharmacy). I assumed their prescription prices would be much more than Walmart, and They have wonderful gift items. Top-of-the-line candles, home accessories, and priced very fair. Things you don’t expect to find. When I dropped off my prescription, I told the young lady I had my discount card. She said they were unable to take that, and their mark-up was not enough for them to be able to apply an additional discount (not exact words, but that’s what I understood). When I was waiting, I thought, great, there goes $50. When I went to pay, my total was $53.00!!! (I saved a $100 b4 card at Wallmart, $50 after discount card), I automatically looked at the pill count. It was right. I was pleasantly shocked, to say the least! I am a lifer now!!

Awesome Pharmacy! First, let me start off by saying growing up in the North, there is a lot of family-owned pharmacies, and I even work at one when I was in high school as a part-time job. And this place reminds me of home. Mac, the owner of the place, is a Nice guy who listens to your needs and tries to help you in any way he can. He was patient with me and answered all my questions. YOUR PHARMACY is the only place you need to go for all your medication needs for you or your family.

Lee’s Drug Store

Available dosages: 60 mg tablets
Price: from $1.8

What customers say:

Pharmacy Specialist has been the best blessing. Not only do they provide excellent services-the staff is exceptional. I am a recent college graduate with no pharmacy experience, so they have needed to train me from the ground up. Not only was I trained by the best staff, the owner, Rob, personally sits down with every employee, asking for feedback and offering tools for continued growth and learning. My professors always talked about finding a mentor and boss that truly cares about business and the personal growth of the employees. Rob model’s work ethic and his management style are truly hard to find. I will continue to work here and grow into my career, knowing I’m in the best hands possible.

Never an issue here. They are very helpful the pharmacists here are fantastic. I’ve had a history of bad experiences with CVS in the past. But I tried one last location before switching pharmacies, and I’m glad I did. Lee’s Drug Store, you should definitely award this location for being the best pharmacy only because I’m serious. I hear complaints about all your other locations, but this location its nothing but positive feedback.

Thriftway Pharmacy

Available dosages: 60 mg tablets
Price: from $1.2

What customers say:

Sarah, the office manager, is awesome, and the rest of the staff are very kind and helpful as well. I am so glad we switched to this pharmacy. Sarah stands out, though, because she will go above and beyond to help out in any way that she can. Many times we’ve been stuck trying to figure out how to get something filled, and pre-authorizations with our insurance become an issue. Typically the customer has to call their insurance and get it sorted out, but she spent nearly an entire day back and forth with me and my insurance trying to sort out an issue and got it resolved. She’s also very knowledgeable about medication as well and has helped me tremendously. Thank you, Thriftway Pharmacy! You guys are amazing!

I have tried many pharmacies in the past few years. Always to be let down. Then I found Jan and her staff here at Thriftway Pharmacy. OUTSTANDING customer service. Always very helpful and communicative. My prescriptions are always on time, and they call or text you if, for some reason, they have a question, etc. They always go above and beyond to call you by name, remember you and genuinely care about your health and well-being. They are always smiling and just make you feel important. I have filled MANY prescriptions here. Never once had any issues or problems. I used to dread having to deal with the pharmacy. Now it’s actually a good experience. Thank you, Jan, and your wonderful team!!! You guys have been a blessing.

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